Arty Crafty

Room 3 have been getting crafty as part of their Art in the Park Inquiry. The crafts will be sold at Pet Day to generate funds as part of our school’s biggest fundraising activity. 


Aren't these stress balls cute


What a beautiful succulent


This is a close up of one of our ladybird magnets

Craft projects have included making stress balls and fridge magnets, and potting succulent plants into recycled glass jars. The crafts items that were made had to be: extremely cheap to make, useful, aesthetically pleasing (nice to look at), and finished to a high standard.  


Lachlan T and a stressed looking stress ball


We followed safety rules of masks and gloves when we worked with the potting mix


Bianca used a hot glue gun to stick the magnets to the back of the bottle caps


Erin is teaching Toby how to make the magnets

The students got to choose what craft activity they most want to participate in. Each group had the responsibility to create one of the crafts. The stress ball group and the succulent planting group each had one afternoon working with Mrs Sprague to learn how to complete the craft to a high standard. The fridge magnet group was able to work independently. After the first round of crafts if a student wanted to have a go at a different craft someone who was part of the first group had to teach them.  By doing this several students got the applying part of our learning circle of teaching others.


Planting was messy work so we did this outside


Erin getting the string to tie around the top of the jars


Making stress ball was very busy and perhaps a little stressful


Spooning the flour into the funnel then into the balloon takes time


Arley and Sienna planting the succulents

For Pet day crafts I made succulent plants in jars. We had to wear gloves and masks to protect us from the poison in the soil. We had to put rocks at the bottom of the jars. Sienna

I did succulent jars and Annabelle helped me. We had to wear face masks and gloves. Erin

For Pet Day craft I made stress balls. I thought the hair was the hardest part. My face had his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Travis

For Pet Day I made planters. We had to put string around the top of the jar. We put stones at the bottom of the jar, then soil, then the plant. The hardest part was tidying up. 

Lachlan P

For Pet Day I made stress balls. We had to put flour into the balloons. The flour went all over the floor. Grayson

My Pet Day craft was cool because we did stress balls. We are going to sell them for $2 because it was hard work to make them. Tom’s mum came in to help us do the hair. I enjoyed making stress balls. I hope my mum buys some. Arkayzhia

I had to problem-solve when we made the fridge magnets. First I worked out that we needed to glue three small pieces of cardboard onto the back of the bottle cap before the magnet or the edge of the bottle cap could scratch someone's fridge. Bianca

For Pet Day craft I made succulent plants.  My mum came in and helped us on Friday. I had to stay in Room 3 and not go to assembly and help finish our craft. Tom

For Pet Day craft me and my group made magnets. We also had lots of help from other kids such as Baylee, Erin and Arkayzhia. On Friday, we ran out of magnets. So on Tuesday, when we got more magnets, we finished them off. Eva

For Pet Day we made stress balls. The hardest part was putting the flower into the balloon. Slowly, we made the stress balls, one by one. The classroom was very dirty, almost as dirty as us. We looked like ghosts. Daniel

For Pet Day we made succulent plants. I liked making the succulent plants. I made about two, I nearly made three. The succulent plants are going to sell for $3.  Arley

Curriculum Area

Visual Arts 

Achievement Objectives: Understanding the visual arts in context and Developing practical knowledge

Keywords: Art in the Park, Pet Day, craft

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08 Making stress ball was very busy and perhaps a little stressful