Ball Patrol


Ball patrol, ball patrol we’ll be there on the double.

Written by Tara and Delta from Room 7 (with support from Mrs Isaacson).

We were noticing lots of balls around the school after morning tea and lunch, especially on the field.  So we decided to do something about it.  

We went to the Principal, with a proposal. We asked her for permission to have 5 mins after morning tea and lunch to pick up the balls that had been left out.  She said, “That is a great idea to help the environment and respect our property”.  

So, for the past 3 weeks, we have been doing that very thing and returning the balls to the right class.


We then decided to graph our results so we could see if there was a pattern. 



Our graph showed that some of the junior rooms left a lot of balls outside on the courts each break time.  The middle school left some of their equipment on the field and in the maze. The senior school left their equipment mostly on the field.

What to do?

We went around all the classes and talked to the children about how to keep their P.E equipment safe.  We reminded them to check their P.E bags after each break time and count their equipment. We said: “If you take a ball out to play with, remember to bring it back into class when the bell rings”.  

We suggested having a P.E monitor to check off the equipment on the list each time.  Some classes even had a checklist of all their equipment. We thought that was a good idea.



We will keep on checking for lost P.E equipment and helping the classes to look after their property and hopefully, we will see less balls being left out.

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