Beeswax Wraps

Room 2 got to make beeswax wraps with Shannon from the Taupo District Council.

She brought in some cotton fabric, graters, beeswax, greaseproof paper and an iron.



We all chose our square of fabric and put our names on them. Shannon explained how we were going to make them and how to care for them by washing them only with cold water and laying them out to dry.

Next, we got to grate some of the beeswax and sprinkle it on our fabric like cheese on a pizza. We had to make sure our fabric was on top of a piece of greaseproof paper. Shannon then took out fabric with the beeswax sprinkled on it and placed another sheet of greaseproof paper on top.



Next Shannon ironed them to make the wax melt into the fabric and we hung them up to dry. They didn’t take long to dry! Once they were dry Dallas used her pinking shears and cut the edges for us so they don’t fray.



We think they are great and the class smelled nice when they were being made too. Over the next week, many of us used our wraps to bring food to school in. It was nice knowing that we weren’t using plastic wrap and that we were helping our environment! Here are some of our wraps.






Thank you to the students in Room 2 and Shannon, Taupo District Council

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