Bricks Club fun

Bricks stands for Building Relationships, Independence & Creativity within Kids in Schools

If you head down to the back of our hall on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes you will find one of our lovely teacher aides roaming a room with students working together in groups to build lego creations. 


Cindy as facilitator

This is not your usual ‘free play’ however,  but a structured session designed to encourage and develop positive social skills and communication skills. It is for any student who loves to build lego as long as they are willing to work in a team. 

There are three roles in each group and each student takes turns at the different roles.  



The manager holds the instruction booklet and tells the supplier which bricks are needed then tells the builder what to do with the bricks. No one else in the group is allowed to look at the booklet until it is their time to be ‘manager’.



The ‘supplier’ listens to the ‘manager’ and supplies the ‘builder’ with the correct pieces. 



The builder puts the bricks together. 

The group sets the group rules for example how many steps before they change roles. They may have individual goals for themselves also. They spend 20 minutes building a model together. 


Concentrating hard

The session finishes with reflection time - what went well? What was hard? How did you solve it? 


A proud group finishes

I like going to bricks club but I like building by myself better. ‘Why do you think you have to build in a group?’ Because that’s what you have to do when you are an adult. You have to work in a team. 

I like going to bricks club because it’s quiet. Being the builder is the best job. It’s teaching me to listen.

Me and my friends love bricks club especially when we finish a creation. I like doing all the jobs. I like that we have turns at all the jobs. I’m really good at taking turns.

I’ve just started going to bricks club. I didn’t know what it was but I think it will be fun. I’m really good at building. I like working with the big boys. I’m really good at talking.

It’s okay. I prefer building lego by myself but my teacher thinks it is good for me to work in a team. I don’t really like working with others.

Curriculum links: 

Health & Physical Education


Identify and demonstrate ways of maintaining and enhancing relationships between individuals and within groups.

Express their ideas, needs, wants, and feelings appropriately and listen sensitively to other people and affirm them.

Keywords: relationships, social skills, communication, creativity, team

Cindy as facilitator