Buddy Class with Room 10

Room 2 is paired with Room 10 for buddy class.

We love our time with the children in Room 10. It is where we can show our tuakana/teina* and build relationships with our younger students at school.          


* “Tuakana/teina refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) person and a younger (teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning.” https://health.tki.org.nz/Key-collections/Exploring-te-ao-kori/Planning-learning-experiences/Teaching-methods

We get to play with all the amazing toys that are in Room 10’s class. They have Shopkins, toy cars - that are battery powered - with amazing tracks, awesome flying toys and a big bin of cool army toys with forts, guns and vehicals. Playdough is fun as well. 



We can draw and make amazing pictures. There is a toy kitchen that we can play in. 

Outside we can play with our buddies with the giant marble run, the car mountain with the tunnels through it is great fun too.   


We can go in the sandpit and dig holes and build mountains.    


Playing on the junior playground is always a bit of fun too. We really love to test our skills and show the younger students what we can do. We love to play with the outdoor mud kitchen and also kick a ball around on the field.  


Buddy class is great fun and we love spending time with our little mates.

Olivia - It is really fun playing with Pepper.

Wiki - I like going to buddy class because sometimes we go to play in the toy kitchen, then we go on the playground, then in the sandpit.

Sofie - I like playing on the playground.

Jay - I like it when Haven gets the sand for me when we are building in the sandpit.

Lizzie - I like playing on the playground and colouring with my buddy.

Lennox - My buddy likes to play with shopkins.

Emma - I like going to buddy class because I like playing tag with my buddy  on the playground.

Thanks to the students in Room 2, Room 10 and Mr Morehu.

Key words: Buddies, Tuakana teina, play, fun, relationships