Calendar Art Room 2

Our calendar art is based on a New Zealand artist called Jo May. Jo comes from Whangarei and does beautiful, colourful artworks that are mainly of birds. We had a process to follow to create our artworks and show our own creativity with our version of beautiful bird art.

We got to choose to do one of three backgrounds. All blue, a light blue sky with darker blue ocean or a sunset background.  These backgrounds were painted and we learned how to keep our brushstrokes long and going in one direction to give a smoother background. Some people chose to add some curves with clouds or a sun shape. We had to make sure we had the whole background covered with no white peeping through.

Next, we chose a bird to add to our background. We could choose from fantails, pukekos or a kingfisher.

We drew these onto a separate piece of paper along with flax leaves, branches and flowers. Using pastels we coloured these in boldly so they will stand out. Once we were happy with them we cut out our birds and other decorations and layered them onto our background using pva glue. 

The end product is really striking and we are super proud of what we have created.

Hopefully, we have lots of sales of our beautiful artwork for calendars, cards, note pads and diaries.

Emma - I really liked painting.

Wiki - I like the painting because when we paint the birds look really cool when they are finished.

Izak - I really like mine because it’s a fantail and it reminds me of my Dad who is dead.

Jay - I really like my kingfisher.

Lennox - I really like mine because I have done fantails and they are my second favourite native bird.

Olivia - I really like my bird because it’s a bit ‘derpy’ and beautiful.

Lizzie - I like my kingfisher because I like the colour and the end product.

Sofie - I like the clouds on my background.

Lily - Mine looks really cool!

Zoe - I really like Lily and Lizzie’s because they have a lot of detail on their calendar art.

Jeremy - I really like our calendar art because you can get really artistic.

Lexi - I really like Olivia’s art because of the beautiful colours.





Thank you to the students in Room 2 and Jo May’s influence with her amazing art.

Keywords: Art, creativity, process