Finding Our Passion

This is the question Room 15 students have been asked to think about when choosing a Passion Project. Read more about 'Finding Our Passion'...

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Running to Mars

There is 54 000 000 kilometres between Earth and Mars. How long do you think it would take to run there? Room 15 decided to do just that.

Read more about 'Running to Mars'...

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Purpose and Place of Phonics

For 20 minutes, four days a week the students move from their class to meet with other students across the team to participate in phonics learning. Read more about 'Purpose and Place of Phonics'...

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Rocket Ahead in Reading

Research shows that parental involvement in their children’s learning positively affects the child’s performance at school

Read more about 'Rocket Ahead in Reading'...

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Room 15 2020 3,2,1 Blast Off

This is the question a group of five year olds in Room 15 has been investigating as part of their Fantastic Forces inquiry. Read more about 'Room 15 2020 3,2,1 Blast Off'...

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Help, I’ve lost my Marbles

Controlling falling marbles can be tricky. They are easily lost. Please read Room 15’s blog about gravity and how marbles move.

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From Left to Write

As this was the students’ first introduction to writing words and sentences (a daunting, yet, exciting challenge for a group of five year olds), there was a lot to learn... Read more about 'From Left to Write'...

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Becoming Scientists

A person with big ideas, who then tests them out. Read more about 'Becoming Scientists'...

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Getting Ready To Write - Part Three

Getting Ready to Write - Part Three looks specifically at the phonological knowledge students need to write. As I mentioned in Part One, students require a strong knowledge of letter sounds and names to be able to write independently. This blog focuses on and provides more detailed information about the phoneme understanding students need to write.

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Steaming Into School Goes Online

Due to the distancing restrictions under Covid-19 we needed to be creative and innovative with how we would present Steaming Into School during Term 2, 2020. Our SIS Online sessions provided a unique link for our families to connect to Wairakei Primary School. 

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