5 Top Tips From Room 9

Room 9 students are learning to slow down to a pace they can maintain over the whole cross-country course. Read more about '5 Top Tips From Room 9'...

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Tall, Taller, Tallest

Room 15 used a ‘real life wondering’ they had about their drink bottles to compare and order objects by height to develop an understanding of tall, taller and tallest.

Read more about 'Tall, Taller, Tallest'...

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Meaningful Math

Here's just one activity that Room 16 does that is developing mathematical thinking using everyday contexts. Read more about 'Meaningful Math'...

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My Special Person

Writing poems about special people in their lives was Room 15’s focus for writing. They decided to start with writing about their mums, and then wrote about their dads.

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Heroes of Handwriting

Room 15 uses the Handwriting Heroes method to learn how to form letters and numbers. Read more about 'Heroes of Handwriting'...

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Magenta, Red or Yellow - Colours of Learning

Flash cards - they seem like an old fashioned concept and yet are still going strong today as a study tool to master information we need to remember. Read more about 'Magenta, Red or Yellow - Colours of Learning'...

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A Smooth Start to School

An additional feature to the SIS programme are visits to the Pre-school Centres, Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens by our New Entrant teacher, Fiona Griffin.

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2021 term1 visiting ECE 15

Circle Time

Children love Circle Time, Circle Time brings just the right blend of structure, enjoyment and learning!” “Circle Time meetings for children involve creative circle time activities, circle games and the... Read more about 'Circle Time'...

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