Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork

Scarlett and Jacoba hosted a student-led workshop around natural disasters. It was an art workshop, focused on creating paintings with the theme of natural disasters. Read more about 'Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork'...


Wairakei Beats, From our senior school

This group of boys have been working on our school iPads using an app called Drumpad24. They taught themselves to use the app and practiced the skills to a performance level.

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Wairakei Beats 2016 08 5

All About Me by Libby

Why I had to do the All About Me project.

I had to complete this project because it was a follow up activity after my writing goal workshop. I loved doing this activity because it was fun and it made me think about who I am and what I like to do in my after school world.

I think I was working at an extended abstract level.  (SOLO Taxonomy)

By Libby

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Feb 2016 Libby W

All About Me

I have been learning how to write 'All about me' and take a selfie in GAFE - Google Apps for Education. Read more about 'All About Me'...

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Breaking News—NZ Chinese Language Week competition winners

I had a phone call at morning tea from Kara Tait who was involved in organising NZ Chinese Language Week. Read more about 'Breaking News—NZ Chinese Language Week competition winners'...

Pre–School Science

Wairakei Primary School hosted a Young Scientist Event for local pre-schools. The new entrant classes and children from a range of early childhood centres took part in a variety of... Read more about 'Pre–School Science'...

Room 3 writing

The students in room three have been using their student agency to write their own mid year reports to give to their parents on Friday July 3, 2015. Read more about 'Room 3 writing'...

Laura Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Solo Describe map

This term our Inquiry has focused on “Community”. As a starting point Room 11 thought we would focus on our school community. Read more about 'Solo Describe map'...

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