Celebrating our Teacher Aides

You may have noticed a small group of very busy women in our school doing one or all of the below…

  •  Sitting and listening to a student outside a classroom

  •  Making milos and chatting with students

  •  Teaching phonics with small groups of students


Someone to read to Marie in Room 13

  •  Practising basic facts with small groups

  •  Supervising classes while teachers work with individuals or small groups

  •  Copying and laminating resources for teachers 

  •  Running the enviro group

  •  Helping our children with English as a Second Language

  •  Running oral language sessions

  •  Working one on one supporting speech development

  •  Supporting our children during transition times

  •  Shopping and cooking for camps

  •  Supporting teachers and students on trips

  •  Taking students to Riding for Development

  •  Tidying up resources, kitchens and workspaces

  •  Running programs like Early Words, Rainbow Reading, Lexia, Bricks club…

  •  and much more.


Hard at work in Diana s space

This group of valued staff members are our teacher aides and we acknowledge the positive contribution they make to our school and class environments. Some have been with us for 21 years and others just a year.

What makes a great teacher aide?

  • Flexibility as changes are made to their day, often last minute. There are often learning tasks to be adapted for their students. 


Invaluable one on one time with Tracey Room 12

  • Willingness to learn as they ask questions and build knowledge around the students they work with and different programmes we ask them to run. 

  • Patience & empathy as they support students to recognise their feelings and find strategies to manage themselves. 

  • Being encouraging & persistent as they help students become independent which in turn instils self-esteem as students learn to complete tasks by themselves- their aim is to do themselves out of a job actually! 


Celebrating success with Cindy Room 3

  • Observant and organised as they turn up each day ready to support teachers in whatever is needed at that particular time on that particular day. 

  • Problem solvers and positive as they think of different ways to motivate our reluctant learners.


Building relationships with Jackie in Room 8

Teacher aides are an invaluable resource for teachers and students and are incredibly passionate about their job. 

What our students had to say…

She helps people learn how to write. I get to share news with her and she shares news with the class. Year 2

It makes the class better. She helps everyone. It keeps the class calmer.  Year 5


Dallas role modelling in Room 1

She helps me and makes me think I can do it. She makes me feel better. Year 6

We’ve got extra back up if the teacher can’t help us. She’s been taking us out to do experiments and stuff.  Year 4


Supporting group work in Rm 8

Keywords: support, help, learning, relationships

Building relationships with Jackie in Room 8