Celebrating Summer

Room 11 read the Tree Hut Treaty. This story was about how some children made a tree hut in a Pohutakawa tree. They developed a treaty so they could share it fairly and they agreed how disputes would be resolved if they arose.

Room 11 created our own classroom Treaty. We also discussed the different activities we liked to do on the long hot days of Summer over December, January and February. To celebrate our Treaty and Summer we created Pohutakawa tree pictures.

The children drew their outline of the branch with a pencil and then added the flowers and the leaves. After comparing their pictures with someone else's the students determined which one had more flowers or leaves and what the difference was.

Teacher - How many leaves have you got Tiarni? How many leaves are on this picture?

Tiarni -  I have got seven leaves and so does that picture.

Teacher -  Which picture has the most flowers?

Tiarni studied the pictures for a while. She then drew two more flowers on her picture as she laughed.

Tiarni -  Now we have the same.




Casey and Henry



After the students had finished their pencil outline they traced over it with black vivid. They blocked in the colour for the flowers, leaves and branches with coloured dye. Before blocking in the sky the students measured the distance between the leaves, flowers and branches with their fingers  to determine if they would need to use a wide brush or a thinner brush. They also thought about which side of the brush would be the best to use. The wider side or the thinner side before they applied the blue dye.


Henry Mackenzie Louie Riley


Mackenzie Louie Kihana


Milla Grace Dorian

We think our finished paintings look stunning.

Keywords: inquiry, Summer, celebrating, problem-solving, measurement, treaty

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