Charities with Francesca

The definition of ‘charity’ is ‘the act of giving help to those in need of it.’ - Asharntay


Did you know there are 28,137 registered charities in New Zealand? This number grows each day. All of these are overseen by an agency called Charities Services in Wellington, which supports charities to create stronger communities.

These were just some of the facts that Rooms 7 and 8 discovered when speaking to Francesca Ephraim, a Regional Advisor in the Capability team at Charities Services. Francesca took the time to speak to us via Zoom, sharing an extremely informative slideshow. She then allowed us to ask questions in support of ‘Our Purpose’, our inquiry, in which we are learning how to ‘dare to care’.



Room 8 had recently learned the difference between open and closed questions, and how open questions provide much fuller answers. Closed questions provide only a short response, such as yes or no, or a very short answer. So we were thrilled to be able to ask Francesca a wide variety of questions.




We also practised our note-taking, using keywords and bullet-points. From these notes, we were able to write well-informed information reports. This supports our learning in English as students are required to “form and express ideas and information with increased clarity, drawing on a range of sources.” (NZ Curriculum) The key competencies of participating and contributing and using language, symbols and texts featured heavily throughout our discussion.




Excerpts from students’ information reports:

Charities Services is in Wellington and supports most of the charities in New Zealand. Charities Services need lots of people who work in different jobs. They require lawyers, accountants, and many more people to help them keep track of the charities that they support. - Clare

There are four heads of charities:

  • Relief of poverty - giving something to someone that they don’t have and what they need. (Example of this kind of charity: KidsCan)

  • Advancing education- learning things. (Example of this kind of charity: Duffy Books)

  • Advancing religion - charities about churches. (Example of this kind of charity: Salvation Army) Fun fact: Most charities in this head are churches.

  • Other purposes - other charities that aren’t in the other three heads. (Example of this kind of charity: Starship Hospital.) - Ava

Charities are allowed to make money but it has to go to the charity. They can’t spend it on fish and chips. - Jay

Some of the charities Francesca was proud of us for supporting were the SPCA, HUHA, Starship Hospital, and Paw Justice. - Ashe

The difference between companies and charities: companies create benefits for the owners with profit. But a charity creates benefits for the public. - Lennox

Charity law is nearly 500 years old, and this law was made by Queen Elizabeth the first. 420 years ago, the people in churches looked after the sick people. - Manihera

The charity that is the biggest is Auckland University. - David 

I asked her, if she wanted to, would she change her job? Francesca wanted to stay at the job she is at now because she liked supporting charities so much. - Declyn

Francesca talked about mahi aroha which means ‘work love’. She showed us a quote that said: By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished. (Mā tini mā mano ka rapa te whai.) - Rhea

We were very grateful to Francesca for the time she took to speak with us. We recommend all schools get in touch with Charities Services when they need support with this topic. Francesca’s information has inspired us even more to commit to our social actions for our chosen charities.

Keywords: Our Purpose, Dare to Care, social action, Charities Services

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