Classy Capitals and Final Full Stops

The students in Room 12 have been integrating their literacy learning from the ‘Our Place’ topic into their writing, spelling and reading. 

After listening to ’Crown Park,’ a chapter book by New Zealand author Des Hunt, they have created a ‘Word Wall’ of new topic vocabulary. 




Group reading book


Word Wall Emily and Ana

It was quite cool and exciting and I really liked listening to it.  Chainsaw was my favourite character. Stacy

I really liked it when everyone was here on the mat, as a team, when we listened to the book.  I also really loved it when something happened to Chainsaw, he was my favourite character. Lexi

From the daily ‘Word of the Day’ words they have created spelling patterns for ‘topic’ word endings such as ‘tion’ from accommodation and ‘y’ that sounds like ‘e’ from ‘happy.’ 


Lucy and Tui Word of the Day


Spelling Patterns Isla

They have practised handwriting the ‘tall’ letter family that are in many of these words for example itinerary, journey and travel.

I did my best, and it was my quickest one yet. Pippa


Handwriting Grayson

During our daily ‘Heggarty’ lessons we are learning to isolate, blend, segment and manipulate the sounds that make up words, which will in turn enable the students to become proficient and fluent readers. 

I like learning with my hands to learn the sounds when we do Heggerty with my teacher. Kiara

In spelling the class is learning the spelling pattern/patterns for each sound when it occurs in the beginning, middle and end of a word.  So far we have worked on: a, y, b, d a, g and m.

I loved it when we did the letter ‘p’ because there are so many fascinating ‘p’ words. Jessie


Spelling Emily

In writing the focus is writing simple sentences with capital letters and full stops in the correct places. 

It was fun writing simple sentences. Te Ahurei

I liked learning the Maori names for places I have been to in New Zealand. Emma


Writing Te Ahurei


Hutton Writing Emma

Remembering to put capital letters for the names of places is a skill to continue working on when using Te Reo names for places in New Zealand. 

I already knew the te Reo names for Napier and Auckland but I liked learning the new names to put in my writing. Te Omeka


Hutton Writing Te Omeka

After our ‘Floating Classroom’ trip the students each wrote and published a thank-you letter to one of the parent helpers, Cindy or Kristy Northcroft (the Floating Classroom teacher).  

It was a really cool experience to see the Maori rock carvings and Whaea Kristy was a really fantastic tour guide. I hope she likes my letter. Laila


Hutton Writing Laila

Keywords: spelling, topic, vocabulary, capital letters, full stops, place names, simple and compound sentences, sounds, Tuwharetoa, 

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