Colour Monsters

Having emotional literacy is the ability to read or recognise your own emotions and the emotions of others so you can work out what you and they are feeling.

This in turn leads to developing empathy and social skills. Emotions can be linked to physical sensations. For example, anger often leads to a hot face, and worry leads to an uncomfortable tummy. Emotions can also be linked to colours. Room 11 is learning how to identify feelings and emotions and how they affect their body and reactions.

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas is a picture book that explores identifying emotions. One morning Colour Monster wakes up confused as his emotions are all mixed up. A little girl helps him get his emotions sorted by using colour to explain the different feelings: yellow/kowhai is happy/harikoa,  blue/kikorangi is sad/pōuri, red/whero is anger/riri, black/pango is fear/koera, green/kakariki is calm/mārū, and pink/mawhero is love/aroha.

Room 11 created their own Colour Monsters using the straw blowing technique and yellow/kōwhai, red/whero, blue/kikorangi, black/pango or mangu, green/kākāriki, and pink/māwhero paint.

A small puddle of watered down paint was added to a piece of cartridge paper. Because cartridge paper has a textured finish to it a small amount of water was dripped on top of the paint. This made the paint easier to spread. A straw was used to blow the paint around. Everyone enjoyed experimenting with blowing the paint from the top, the left, and the right of the puddle. This step was repeated with all of the colours.

When the paint had dried details were added to the paint blobs to turn them into Colour Monsters. White circle stickers were used for the eyes. Black marker pens  added  arms, legs, facial features, and other details.

May - The colours were altogether in the Colour Monster. Then a little girl came by and then she got lots of jars and put the emotions in the jars. The next day the Colour Monster sat by the jars.

Andy - The Colour Monsters each have different feelings.

Kase - They are all different colours ‘cause every feeling isn’t just the same colour. They are different colours.

Sam - I added lots of detail to them and it was pretty fun making our colour monsters. It looks pretty cool what I have done. Sad, happy, angry, love, scared, and calm are emotions. The emotions go with the colours.

Room 11 will continue looking at different illustrations in picture books to see if the illustrator uses colours to show added meaning to the text as part of our Inquiry topic Art in The Park. 

Keywords: emotional literacy

Attributed to: The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas pe.r11.06