Compliment Clouds

A kind word is free, easy to give and everybody has something to offer.


Compliment clouds floating in the window of Room 3

Research shows that kindness and giving evokes gratitude, makes us happier, strengthens our connections with others and is contagious! -


Kind and sporty Avery shares her cloud with all the amazing things others said about her


Jack with a lovely smile compliment cloud is ready to go

Room 3 practised giving each other compliments and then made compliment clouds to share the nice things others had said about them.

Learning to build positive relationships with others is an important social skill that comes under the key competency of relating to others and the Health and Physical Education Curriculum achievement objective of building positive relationships.  

Learning to say nice things to each other helps students build positive relationships by filling each other's buckets and contributes to a positive classroom environment. Individuals' self esteem can also be raised when others point out their positive attributes. 

After a circle time session around compliments, students were given the challenge to write as many positive comments about each other as they could. It was amazing to see how many positive comments were written and that no one got left out.

Next, students followed instructions to make a kindness cloud. Finally, students choose their five favourite compliments that they received. Students copied their favourite compliments on the coloured paper strips to hang down from their cloud in a rainbow. 


Students carefully copied their compliments from their books to the coloured strips


Henry who is great at being Henry is hard at work making his cloud


Willow who is an amazing artist cutting out her cloud

The kindness clouds are displayed in the classroom to remind students to say nice things and be kind.  They are also a nice reminder when someone is having a bad day to look at all the cool things others think about them.


Hiding behind that cloud is a good friend called Aiden

My classmates said I was cool and happy.  This made me feel good, like a good day. Donte

Jake said that I was small but smart and good at drawing. Ryker

I liked when people said I was smart. Grayson

Some people wrote smart on my cloud but they didn’t spell it right so I fixed it. Reid 

My favourite compliment was that I am friendly. Zoey

My friends said BFF -  best friends forever on my cloud. Vaanya 

Kindness is free so you can give lots of it away.  Aiden

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Education: Relationships with other people

Keywords: Compliments, positive relationships, social skills, self esteem, circle time, kindness

05 Students carefully copied their compliments from their books to the coloured strips 2