Crafty, Creative Children - Pet Day





The students in Room 8 have been researching designs so that they could make a flower arrangement or wind chime creation that was different from other years that they have participated in. They realised that they needed to come up with something different for their creative chime or flower arrangement to be seen as a new idea.




Secondly, on the day of making the flower arrangement and chimes, an amazing amount of creativity came from the students and they showed a lot of resilience and perseverance as well.






As the flowers and chimes were taken away and put in their respective categories the anticipation of who may win a prize was the talk of the classroom.  It was very difficult to choose one in the classroom let alone choose three in a sea of flowers or hanging chimes

Key words: Wind chimes, flower displays, researching.

Elliot - My wind chime was make out of old dessert spoons and fishing wire.  It was really hard tying the fishing wire and attaching the spoons, I eventually was able to get them all on.  I enjoyed making this wind chime and I will have to think about what to do next year.

Tori - It was an amazing day creating flower arrangements and I loved the different colours I used to create my design for my saucer display.  When I had finished I coloured in a picture of some beautiful flowers. I used shading to enhance my artwork. Whaea Margo laminated it after I had finished it.

Holly - It was so much fun using different flowers and creating a novelty display. I was very proud of my display.

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