Crafty Reindeer in Rooms 11 and 16

Students in rooms 11 and 16 were excited to make some Christmas Reindeer puppets. These are made by cutting out and folding a pre-printed square. This is a fun Christmas activity that is great for building dexterity in younger students.





Children get to develop their fine motor skills through the medium of cutting and folding. This needs to be done with accuracy to allow the puppet to open up at the end. They are also listening to and following visual instructions with an emphasis on using task-specific vocabulary. The task links well to the following key competencies:

  • Using language, symbols and text (listening, observing)

  • Managing self (persevering)

  • Participating and contributing

  • Thinking



Many of the students found that folding accurately was quite difficult at first but with extra support and encouragement, they persevered with some great results.



Students gave the following comments:

Rhenyk - I liked making my reindeer. I did mine well.

Mila - I am going to make another reindeer at home. I am going to cut new antlers out.

Bianca - I needed some help with the folding at first but then I could do it by myself.

Keywords: Fine-motor skills, following instructions