Crazy, Mad scientists of Room 9

Exploring the wonderful world of science Room 9 have been experimenting like real scientists.

We love sharing our thoughts with each other before our experiments.

Clare-I wonder if the experiment will make a big mess.

Quianah- I wonder how we put it all together.

Chelsea- I wonder why people thought of experiments.

Peter- I wonder if elephant toothpaste and vinegar would explode.

Kora-I wonder why the volcano experiment fizzed up.

Vincent, Ashe and Luca- I wonder when the experiment will explode. Who will have to clean it up.

We started our journey looking at solids and liquids, what they are? How do you know which state/form something is in? Leading on to a discussion exploring if something could be a solid and a liquid at the same time?

Excitingly, we set to work looking at proving our hypothesis.

Casey- I think you can’t have something that is both.

Lennox- I think it is only both solid and liquid until it is combined together.

Ashe- water is able to be a solid when frozen, liquid when normal and causes stream when you boil it, making it all three.

Off we went and started mixing our different solids and liquid ingredients together.

Interestingly, some turned into curds and felt slimy


View our Science videos here

Some turned white and thick running through your fingers but then turned solid when you hit it.

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Some fizzed and expanded flowing everywhere.



View our Science videos here

As great scientist we also know, we have to document our findings, recording what we saw, what we did and what we now know.



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