Dare to Care - Te Mihi Community

We were excited to get a letter from the Animal Sanctuary in Auckland who received over $200 from our Dare to Care inquiry. We didn’t expect a thank you but it was a real buzz to know our money has gone to a worthy cause.

Check out the video of us opening the letter.


Special stickers


Shawn from the Animal Sanctuary was very appreciative


It is great to hear back


Jayda shows her card from the SPCA

Te Mihi Community’s Dare to Care inquiry has come to fruition, with many projects taking place and us making a difference in our community and beyond. We were well supported by parents and especially by students (and teachers) who brought money along to donate.

This inquiry took on a life of its own. We had original ideas and raised money for some unexpected causes. Bake sales, a car wash, colouring competitions, drawing competitions, nail painting, hair plaiting, wheelbarrow rides, lemonade stands, ice blocks, sponsorship of a bike ride, a mufti day, pinecones, a sausage sizzle at Mitre 10 Mega, a cake stall at RD1… the students impressed with their initiative and tenacity when organising their projects. It was hard - barriers were common and much of the learning was figuring out how we would solve our problems. The teachers guided us but didn’t always help - it was up to us to think it through. It was a huge learning curve. Skills such as planning our projects, sharing ideas, advertising, sign-making, money skills, interpersonal skills, and working with others were just a few things we learned.

And it wasn’t all about raising money. We made a difference in other ways - through speeches, entertaining the elderly, rubbish collection. It all helped to brighten someone’s day or make a positive impact and, in turn, we felt positively impacted.

Next, we will be reflecting on the successes and challenges of Dare to Care. We will write letters to our chosen organisations and send a cheque to them if we raised money.

Here are the photos.

Here is the video.

Thank you very much to everyone for supporting us.

4 Money skills customer service advertising... a lot of learning