Describing our family members

Room 4 has been looking at how to use different language features to make their writing more interesting and appealing for an audience to read and listen too. The past few weeks students have been incorporating metaphors into their writing. 

Everyone designed either an own personal family garden or one that they dream of having one day when the students of Room 4 own their own house. This helped the writers to come up with the different parts of the garden to write about. 


The students had to use metaphors in their writing. This means when they were creating their piece of writing they had to say a family member is something and the reason that member represents the object. 


Following are some of Room 4’s metaphors

Hunter said My brother is a weed because he is annoying

Lyla siad My Koro is the land because he protects us


This one made the class laugh when Victoria shared it with us all.

Victoria is the guinea pig because I am cheeky, fast, cute, and smart

It is fair to say that we agree with you Victoria. 

The students have been able to use their technology skills to publish their piece of writing using google doc, share it with their classroom teacher to print, design it and now they are all displayed in Room 4. 


Curriculum Links

English,  Digital Technology, Social sciences - place and environment

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