Dragons, Dragons, Dragons!

The dragons in the Ready to Read book Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! by Feana Tu’akoi felt a bit lonely and sad. They realised they needed to make new friends. Unfortunately, their first attempts did not go too well so they had to come up with a plan.

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Room 13 spent time unpacking the book during our Shared Reading sessions. First they followed written and pictorial instructions on how to make a dragon. We brainstormed a list of names starting with the letter D so all the dragons could be named. Then students listed three activities their dragon enjoyed doing. After brainstorming good ideas (pros) and bad ideas (cons) of what dragons could do to make friends, the students decided what their own dragons would do to build positive relationships.

My dragon will give popcorn to everyone and help them to toast marshmallows.

My dragon would give people rides wherever they like.

My dragon will give popcorn to everyone and help them to toast marshmallows.

To practise our Te Reo skills our dragons were used as puppets. In pairs the students asked each other how they were feeling at the beginning and at the end of the story.

‘Kei te pehea koe?”     (How are you?)

“Kei te pouri ahau.”    (I am sad.) or “Kei te mokemoke ahau.”  (I am lonely.)

“Kei te pehea koe?”      (How are you?)

“Kei te harikoa ahau.”  (I am happy) or “Kei te pai ahau.”    (I am good.)

Room 13 agreed unanimously that to make friends you needed to be kind.

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