Eggtastic Friends of all Shapes

Room 10 have been working on friendship - creating and maintaining healthy and positive connections with others.

Looking after a friendship takes time and care. To simulate this, Room 10 took on the eggship friendship challenge. 

The students adopted an egg friend, they had to look after them between school hours. The Room 10 egg hangout space only allowed your friends to be booked in for six break times throughout the week - meaning that students also had to care for them during their break times.

The students took great  interest in this project. They drew faces on the egg friends, made clothes and even constructed safe homes for their egg friends. Some even held playdates with other egg friends.



Zahn: The egg plane kept rolling over once my real egg moved in


Harry: It was really scary taking him outside, I was so worried he might get hurt.

A group of creative students took it upon themselves to develop an egg friendship spa hotel. The resort had four levels and included VIP care. 




Finn: Our eggfriend hotel had VIP cards that provided you 24 hour use of your Egg friend room.

Lily: We realised we needed a sign in sheet because we didn’t know whose egg was whose. We also had to implement an egg friend delivery service to prevent all our classmates rushing at once to get their egg friends.

Nathan: The egg friend spa and hotel became a lot of work, especially when Whaea Angel closed down hers.

This experience was enjoyable. It taught us accountability, care, responsibility, managing ourselves while also being a fun and exciting experience.

A few of the eggs had bandages to protect them from further cracking, these required even more care and attention.

You had to pay attention to what you were doing, to know where your egg friend was at all times, ensuring they were safe. It was hard work. You couldn’t  just leave them. 

Our egg friends had names, faces and homes.







Harry: He was my good friend. He was with me for the whole week, he was cool.

Aramaea: My egg friend got injured in a playing accident the day before her week birthday, she spent 10 egg days in Room 10 ICU and was left with a half body cast that got her through till her week birthday.

Quade: I found that a lunch container from home was the safest carrier for Jeff. 

Amaya: My egg friend was named Maya, she had black hair and a big smile just like me.









The egg friendship challenge has been a positive experience for Room 10, creating positive changes in the friendships and dynamics of our class. Room 10 now displays a greater understanding and empathy towards each other. We are now more aware of the importance of including others, sharing and the use of positive words towards each other and we are actively  striving to make positive changes to the friendships within our class. This experience has helped strengthen, and grow friendships within our class by revealing common interests that have turned into friendships. 

Keywords: Friendships, caring, life skills, egg friends 

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