Emotional Intelligence in Room 13

Emotional intelligence-  “To recognize, understand and manage our own emotions. Recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others.” (Dan Goleman, 1996)

The skills involved in emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. When students can use these skills effectively, their learning and school experience will be enhanced. 

Room 13 have been working on their emotional skills. They have zones of regulation in their classroom where different colours represent different emotions. 


Yellow zone emotions


Red zone emotions


Green zone emotions


Blue zone emotions

The charts help us think about how we are feeling and we can share that with the class- so Whaea knows how we are feeling. Reid

We know that talking about emotions is important and we drew pictures to show happiness, sadness, anger and worry. 


Tui with her emotions picture

Talking about it helps you stop feeling sad or mad. Lilly

It helps us to remember to stop when we are angry. Isobel

We learnt that emotions are different for different people. 

We feel different emotions and people might feel mad or sad about different things. Carys 

I get excited about different things to my friends. Chloe

If you lose a game, some people get sad, some people get angry and some people get embarrassed. Josef


Emma showing her happy picture

We have learnt that our bodies can show our emotions….

When someone is mad their face goes red and their fists might be closed. Hector

When I’m angry my heart beats fast and I breathe fast. Te Ramaroa

When someone is sad they cry and their head goes down and they won’t look at you. Te Ramaroa

We get butterflies in our tummy when we’re nervous or scared Isobel




Te Ramaroa

We also learnt different strategies we can use when we are feeling angry or sad….

I go outside and go for a run if I’m getting mad. Toby

I give my friend a hug if she’s sad or I tell her a joke. Zoe

We can do our finger breathing to calm down. Mason

I talk to mum or whaea when I’m feeling lonely. Mila


Mila feeling happy



Keywords: emotions, self-awareness, social skills 

Attributed to: Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence; Why it can matter more than IQ), Room 13

Key competencies:  Managing Self, Relating to Others,

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