Fabulous Features of Non Fiction Books

Hunting for features of non fiction books has been our latest challenge in Room 2.

Finding these features will help students understand more about the world around us, and how each feature tells them different parts of information needed for learning.



Some of the features of nonfiction are: 

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Table of Contents

  • Index

  • Illustrations

  • Photographs

  • Captions

  • Maps

  • Diagrams

  • Glossary

  • Bold Print

  • Footnotes

We made a chart to show us what each feature looks like. Mrs Ross found a great information sheet from Twinkl and added to our window display.



These features are all on our list of things to find. Working together in mixed groups and pairs, the students read through some of the amazing Connected Journal series. We were on a mission to find information and the above features of text. What a challenge.

Great discussions were held around what the features looked like, how they help us to understand the information and what the purpose of each feature is. Each of these features help us in our comprehension of nonfiction books. 

Most of the class were able to identify each of the features in our Connected books. The only thing that was missing in these was the index. The class looked at an amazing nonfiction book about dinosaurs and discovered how the index works and that it is all alphabetically organised. We continue to practise our new found skills and knowledge of these features and do pop quizzes to show we can remember each feature. 



Learning about these features tells us a lot about the books, like using the index Carys.

This was not easy to do at first because we needed to know what the features were. Emma

This was a challenging, but fun activity to find out about all of the features and things in nonfiction books. Scarlett.

This was a challenging and hard activity but now I know more about what is in a nonfiction book. Paige

It was fun learning new and challenging stuff and working with a buddy. Lilly

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keywords: English, Reading, Nonfiction, Text Features 2020Curriculum links: English - The students understand that fiction and non-fiction texts have different purposes, and they recognise how and when some language and text features are used for these purposes. 

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