Fractions are yum

We have been exploring what fractions are and how they are useful.

Room 9 discovered how functions need to be equal to be fair. When sharing your favourite treat with a friend, making sure you half it equally so it is fair and enjoyable.

Everyone likes pizza, Room 9 is no different, so we made large pizzas. Then we cut it into 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 slices. As soon as the pizza arrives, you then share the pieces with your friends. You have just eaten a fraction of the pizza – ½,  ¼, ⅛ to be exact.





Amelia: A fraction tells you how many parts something was cut into.

Tessa: We started with the whole thing, then we cut it into equal parts 

Maxwell: A fraction just tells you how much of that part you have.

Zoe: We made paper pizza’s and cut them into fractions for how many people we had to share it with.

We made sandwiches and cut them into quarters, and halves. Meaning we could share them with one or three other people. 





Levi: my sandwich is cut into 2 halves

Zoe: I cut our sandwich into 4 pieces because there was 4 of us. We all got one quarter

We shared our treats cutting them into halves, this was fun because we had to work out how to make it fair as we couldn’t always fold it.

Lachlan: My half was yummy, I had to make sure it was fair so we both got the same amount.

Levi: Fractions are yummy sharing things so we all have the same parts treat. 






Room 9 worked out that fractions happen all around us, 

Nathan: When we cut or shared something evenly, fairly and into parts we are using fractions.

Eric: The numbers in the fractions tell a story. The top number or numerator tells you how many parts out of the whole have been used/eaten and the bottom number or denominator tells you how many parts the whole was cut into.

Keywords: Numeracy, Food technology, 

lunch making fractions