Gateway Writing Quest


Room 2 was very creative with their writing. The class went on a writing quest through a magical gateway to another world to save a special person in their life. Along the way, everyone faced and overcame many dangers together. At the same time, students had many learning quests to achieve along the way. 

All learning quests were aimed at capturing the attention of the reader and pulling them into the writing of the students. Quests often revolved around using adjectives and other descriptive language. At other times, punctuation was used for impact.

It all started with a magical key that unlocked a gateway to another world. 


Here are descriptions of some keys the children dreamed up:

The key is shiny with fire and a dragon’s eye in the bow. The shank is sparkling diamond - Aidan

It had rubies surrounding a shimmering diamond. It looked old, like it was lost in time but when I touched it a lot of crystals appeared surrounding the key - Tiarni

Before children could embark on their epic quest and find the gateway, they needed to brainstorm supplies they would take. Here are some pictures of their ideas.


Once children discovered their gateway, they had to describe it. This is what some students wrote:

It was made of thick shadow with fire as hot as lava. It was glowing as bright as the sun with creeping vines all over it - Casey

The gateway was spooky and there was a lock on the door. There were spiderwebs and poisonous spiders everywhere. A booming noise was coming from the gateway. The noise was getting louder and louder. I felt really afraid - Kayleen

These are some of the questions that raced through the minds of children as they stepped through their gateways:

Can I find my grandfather? - Jaxon

I wonder if I’m going to get stuck in here like my grandfather?- Faith

What creatures might live here?- Andy

As each child stepped through their gateway, they found themselves sinking in quicksand. 

This is what some children wrote as they struggled to escape:

I saw some little rocks but they sank. What I saw was my only hope gone. After that I saw a branch above me. I grabbed it. Ouch!!! It was a blackberry bush. I knew I was a goner but I saw some flax but it was cutty flax. It sliced my hand. My hand was pouring out with blood like a tap. I knew I was dead. 

I felt like I was going to faint - Louie

First I threw my rope on to a rock. It slipped. I was scared! Next I tried to pull myself out with a vine hanging beside me but it ripped. I felt really worried and then some flowers came out of the vine. They were pink and their flower petal jaws were snapping at me. One of them bit me. I was bleeding. I felt terrified! - Sadie

Luckily the students were saved in their writing by their first character. 


These are some descriptions of characters that were brought to life by the class:

It has a jaw like an earwig and it has big big claws. His claws are sharp like knives. He is a bit scary - Luka

It looks like an octopus. I was scared. It had a hat on with an ‘a’ on it. I wanted to run away but the gateway was closed. He was walking towards me. He only had one eye and slimy black legs - Harrison

Next, students had to use speech marks and question marks to ask their characters questions. They had to learn as much as they could from them about this new land they were in.

After this, students had to face the Desert of Temptation. It looks like a normal desert, but little do the students know, that as soon as they take their first step in, all of their wildest temptations will appear. They distract them from their goal of rescuing their grandfather. Some of the temptations children dreamed up were giant lollipops, chocolate fountains, money raining from the sky, unicorns and much more. 

Here are some pictures of temptations.


What can be dangerous about this you may ask? Nothing, until the temptations turn bad and try to stop the students from leaving. Hopefully everyone makes it out in one piece. Stay tuned for the next blog about Room 2’s Gateway Writing Quest to find out.

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