Getting Summer Concert Ready

We have been looking at the design process of how we can construct our props for the summer concert. 

Written by Nelson M-B, Oscar B, Olivia N

We had to think about the design of the trees. What would be easier to make and last the longest while being moved around a lot? We decided to make the trees out of cardboard, vivid, pencil, wood, nails, saw, drill finished by painting them with brown-green & white paint.

Here is Caleb working hard to clean all the wood before we use it.


We had to design the structure that we thought would best hold up the tree and be sturdy enough for us to pick it up and move it around.  We decided to use two pieces of wood to create an L and then one small piece of wood across the front for balance. Here is our creation.


Riley said: that the trees need to have some more support to make sure they don’t fall over.

Olivia said: who ever can draw trees better on paper gets to draw it on the cardboard before we cut them out.

Taylor C said: why don’t we create some blossom trees, this will make the trees look brighter.


 Then we then had to think about how we can construct some rocks for the front of the stage. We decided on using paper mache.


We first had to find a decent-sized piece of cardboard and some glue. We then scrunched up some newspaper to create the based of our rock before building layers of paper mache. 


We finished off by painting the rocks grey, black and white


Our final creation of rock making. 


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