Glorious goal achieving

Bailey and Caleb have been working extremely hard to achieve their goals. 

The boys set a challenge at the beginning of the week to complete their reading task which was based on hedgehog fun. They were focusing on sequencing events and following instructions. 

This is going to be easy, I want to make them for the whole class. Bailey 


Bailey was able to identify the word family ‘ake’  Look at how many words he came up with.   


They had to sequence events in order to create a shopping list so Miss Nicholson could go and buy the ingredients needed to make the hedgehog. 


Bailey and Caleb headed into the kitchen and transformed into spectacular cooking chefs for the afternoon. 

They were able to follow the recipe and whip up some tasty fruit skewers to share with the class. The boys were also able to make adaptations to the recipe where needed to make sure the fruit skewers would taste delicious. 


Take a look at how proud these boys are when they achieve their goal and get to make something special to share with the whole class. Thank you boys, Room 4 were very lucky that you wanted to share your fruit skewers with us all. 

I enjoyed making the whole thing, and then eating them. Caleb

The marshmallows were my favourite part of the skewer. Bailey 

Thank you for the yummy skewers. Dali

They were mouthwatering and delicious. Isla



Thank you to Rachael who came in to help assist the boys in the kitchen. 

Glorious goal achieving 04