Going, Going, Gone

Room 9 has been exploring financial literacy and looking at the world of money.

Being such a foreign concept for some children to understand we went real world for us all, we created our own little economy. Aratiatia created our own currency and then came the how can they earn the money and what do they have to do with it?

Room 9 realised that the desk was like a house it was something that you could make your own and needed it to store your things and do your work. Their chairs were like cars, nice to have in some situations but needed if the table is too big. Chairs were useful as tables too. We decided that pens, rulers, rubbers and pencils were needs we needed to learn. Highlighters, gluesticks, i pads, toys, resources and colouring things were wants we could learn without them. So we collected all our resources and gave them to the government (Whaea Angel) who created a market place. We used the money we had been rewarded for following our laws (class rules) to purchase the needs for our learning.





Maddox: I am going to buy all the rulers and then people will have to buy from me. 

Beau: I will buy 20 blue pens for $2 each and sell them for $3 each I’ll be rich.

Zoe: I only need 1 pencil, rubber, a red pen and ruler I don’t have my pen licence so don't need to buy a pen.



Next came time for us to join the real estate market. It was $40 to own a chair, $5 to rent it for a day and $20 to rent it for a week. Not all of us decided we needed to buy a chair just yet, others rushed in and brought two. The tables were expensive if we had the money we could purchase the whole table for $200 dollars or rent a space for $50 for a month. Tessa and Haylen decided to make a partnership and put their money together to purchase the whole table giving them 3 spaces they could rent or sell to others. Beau was able to purchase a whole table thanks to the singing reward money he received in Room 1’s rotations. Not all of us had chairs or tables some had to work on the floor or swap things they had for places to work, while they saved enough money to make in the real estate market.

Haylen: Tessa if we put our money together we can go halves in a table together.

Tessa: Good idea we can then rent out our other two spaces to our friends.

Beau: I have 296 dollars in my account I would like to buy a whole table it will leave me with 96 dollars till payday.

Eric: Grayson want to share a table with me I have nearly enough so I just need 60 dollars to cover the table cost.

Grayson: I like that idea and I’ll give you the rest on payday.

Payday came around and we were very excited we would get paid for our total laps we had done that week in cross country training, we got paid for coming to school but learnt about the costs of running our classroom which cost a lot, and we got our first wages for the jobs we applied for and worked at all week. 

Grayson: I have 196 dollars I’m going to bank it.

Eric: if you put some of it into your savings account you will get money from the bank for keeping it there its called interest.

Kayde: I have earnt the most so far total of 345 dollars and 50 cents

Tessa: Payday was a surprise I had applied for 4 jobs and got all for so I get $540 dollars a week.







going going gone market place4