Going off with a bang

In Room 9 we have been exploring the exciting world of science, having first-hand experiences within our world

We have been exploring new words last week word was 'hypothesis'.

Room 9 has been excitedly making own hypothesis, before we start any experiment we make our own predictions so we can reflect and discuss our thoughts, exploring whether our prediction was right or wrong.

Many of the children's hypothesis has occurred during our scientific inquiry. By introducing and using scientific vocab we ventured into the world of explosions, causing our journey to explore different “deadly” reactions between solvents and solutions, rating the explosions success by the noise and the level of destruction or mess they create.

We first made our own predictions/ thoughts on what might happen in their experiment with each having different size containers, amounts of water and power.





Then they went to work in groups following the guidelines steps with everyone giving it a go,


Piper-  It fizzed up inside the container, because the powder and water made a reaction that caused gas to build up inside.


Clare-  Since we put the powder in paper then into the water we gave it a bit more time for the reaction to take place,  to be able to put the lid on it.




Blake- the powder reacted with the water, i know this because it made gas inside that smelt nice

Some worked as expected one even hit the roof,

Look Out! for our Explosion video here

Ashe- Ours touched the roof, because i saw the lid slowly moving up because of the gas, i put the cup on it and it sent it up into the air. I predicted it would hit the roof i was right

Blake- if you put too much in it will send you container to the roof.

We had fun solving the scientific problems we encountered, trying to work out why we think some worked and others didn’t.

Clare- Inside the reaction caused gas to fill it up then it popped the lid off.  I learnt that gas can cause things to explode.

Piper-I learnt that gas causes pressure to build up if it can’t get out,  because the lid is tight causing the lid or container to fly.

Room 9 rated this explosion only a 3 out of 5 in deadliness. Sadly, this is because not all worked, some just leaked on the table, where others caused a great spectacle, with a decent amount of noise (possibly more caused by the children squealing and screaming in excitment. 


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