Grayson’s Blog Post


Grayson has learner agency for all kinds of google application

Grayson is a very enthusiastic member of Room 3 with a passion for all things digital. Grayson displays learner agency. He has been exploring google applications in his own time and would love to share his learning with the world.  So here it is, Grayson’s first ever blog.

Grayson is often influenced to take what we have been doing in class and continue his learning at home. The art activities on his art blog have integrated our geometry learning into art with shape castles and 3D pictures.  Our term 2 Inquiry has been based around oral language and writing.  Sharing his writing with others is something Grayson gets a lot of satisfaction from.  


Grayson enjoys writing and created a google form to survey others feelings about writing



Grayson’s retell of Little Red Ridinghood is his favourite piece of writing that he has done this term. He published his story on google docs.

Little Red Ridinghood by Grayson


Grayson s retell of Little Red Ridinghood

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood, one day her mum told her to visit grandma’s place, Because she was sick so she took a basket and quietly tiptoed to grandma’s house. On the way she stumbled across a wolf “what are you doing in the woods today?” the wolf asked “I am visiting my grandma’s house because she is sick “Very well then.” But then the wolf got a sneaky plan “I am going to gobble up her grandma and put her clothes on!” Then he raced to her grandma’s house and gobbled her up in one bite! After that he put her clothes on and hid under the cover just in time for LRRH to arrive. “Oh Grandma what big eyes you have…” “The better for seeing you!” “Oh what big nose you have!” the better for hearing you!” “Oh what big teeth you have!” “THE BETTER FOR EATING YOU!” “AAAARRRGGGHHHH!” “Hey what is all the hustle and bustle over here!!?” 

“HELP ME!” “Umm it is not what it looks like…” “W-w-w WOLF!”

“AHHHHH!” “HELP ME!!!” it looks like this is the end for LRRH 

“I’m back!” “And with my axe!” “AHHHHHHH!” “Yeah run!” After that, LRRH 

and her family lived happily ever after, But for grandma, the lumberjack 

Tugged on the wolf and “POP” Out came grandma like a baby!

Google Slides

On google slides Grayson has made a certificate for our class to use.



On google sites Grayson has created an Art Hub to share his art ideas with the world. Here is the link.  


Grayson’s Voice

I really wanted to do a blog post so that other people could be inspired by my work.  I like sharing my work with others.  I really enjoy using google. I go on google at home and I share my work with Mrs Sprague. After I published my Little Red Ridinghood story on google docs, I got to read it to other classes and I enjoyed that. I could change my voice when I read it and that made others laugh. 

Grayson’s Next Steps 


This is an example of the 3D art work Grayson has been doing

  • I am going to add a 3D drawing with a background to my Art Hub blog post.  I also need to add a photo of my castle shape art to my Art Hub.

  •  Another thing I  would like to do is make more Book Creators.  I have figured out how to make Book Creators on the website because on our ipads we can only make one book. 

  •  I also am going to make a Kahoot for my class to do.  I am going to make a maths Kahoot because we have been learning about multiplication and division and geometry.  I think Kahoots are really fun.

Curriculum Links: Digital technology - digital outcomes

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02 This is an example of the 3D art work Grayson has been doing