Green Makes Me Go

We can experience colour. We can smell and touch colour. We can even feel colour. As part of our Move to Grow inquiry, Room 3 has been exploring colour in poetry and visual art.

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Colour Poems

Students unpacked a poem about the colour green.  

Green is the colour of spring.  

Green is renewal.  

Green is the colour of envy.  

Green is a new crayon.  

Green tastes like a crisp apple.  

Green smells like fresh cut grass.  

Green sounds like a croaking frog.  

Green feels like soft, velvety moss.  

Green looks like shiny emeralds.  

Green makes me go.  

Green is my favourite colour. 

As a class, we identified the repeating sentence starter “Green is” noticing that the five senses were used to describe the colour using similes. Individuals  identified how the adjectives added interesting detail to the poem.

Students then chose their own colour to write a poem about.  Creating a brainstorm around our colour was the next step. Answering  questions about the colour in their brainstorm was a key element of the activity.

  • What things LOOK green? 
  • What things SOUND green?  
  • What things SMELL green? 
  • How does green FEEL?   
  • What makes YOU FEEL green? 
  • What things TASTE green? 
  • What EXPERIENCES or IDEAS seem green? 
  • Can you think of green PLACES?

As a class, we read The Day the Crayons Quit By Drew Daywalt.

This story helped develop student ideas about what things represent different colours.

Then students went into Google classroom and opened their colour poem template. The student’s learning intention was to use descriptive language. 

The student success criteria that we made together as a class: 

  • I can follow a poem template

  • I can use similes to describe a colour.

  • I can use adjectives to add detail to my description.

  • I make sure I don’t repeat my ideas.

The poems were revised and, checked it against the success criteria, conference with the teacher for final proofreading, and suggestions made for  improvements.

Blue is the colour of a glistening lake.   

Blue is the open sky.

Blue is the colour of cheeky smurfs.

Blue is a fresh blueberry.   

Blue tastes like a delicious lollipop. 

Blue smells like a damp forest and big raindrops. 

Blue sounds like a humongous whale. 

Blue feels shiny.

Blue looks like a large river.

Blue makes me feel sad and lonely.

Blue is my favourite colour.

Purple is  the colour of a fresh eggplant.

Purple is violet flowers.

Purple is  the colour of big juicy grapes.  

Purple is cool leaves falling in the breezy wind.

Purple taste like yummy grapes growing on vines.

Purple smells like brand new grass.

Purple sounds like a purple crayon unraping his clothes.

Purple feels soft, cozy and warm.

Purple looks like a t.shirt laying on carpet waiting to be worn.

Purple makes me feel evil .  

Purple is a big bowl of food colouring. 

Purple is my favourite colour. 


Yellow is  the colour of a big, big, big banana

Yellow is a fresh juicy pineapple.

Yellow is the colour of sticky Icky slime.

Yellow is a big dinosaur.  

Yellow  tastes like sour Lemon.

Yellow smells like fresh honey.

Yellow sounds like a busy bee buzzing.

Yellow feels like a creepy roller coaster ride.

Yellow looks like Autumn leaves.

Yellow makes me happy.

Yellow is  my favourite colour.


Black is the colour of a raven. 

Black is  car oil.

Black is the colour of coal.

Black is the tires on a car.

Black tastes like a black burger.     b                                                                       

Black smells like rotting birds.

Black sounds like a cat whining

Black feels like a smooth rock. 

Black looks like a robber.

Black makes me scared.

Blue is  my favourite colour, but I know this poem is about black but that doesn't matter.

Yellow is the colour of the hot steaming sun

Yellow is a new cool crayon.Yellow tastes like a crisp lemon.

Yellow smells like honey.

Yellow sounds like a buzzing bee.

Yellow feels like sticky honey.

Yellow looks like a working bee.

Yellow makes me fly up.

Yellow is my favourite colour.

I like using Google Docs for my writing because it is easy to make changes to improve my writing. Henry
After we had finished our first poems, me and Kian wrote another poem about brown together. It was pretty fun. Benjamin
I like using Google Docs for my writing because it is easy to make changes to improve my writing. Henry
After we had finished our first poems, me and Kian wrote another poem about brown together. It was pretty fun. Benjamin

My favourite line in my poem is: “Yellow is like Pack n Save”.

I enjoy writing similes. I know they make comparisons.

My favourite line in my poem is “Red is the colour of squishy meat”.

I know I used the same word too much in my poem so I had to make a change.

I wrote the simile: “Purple sounds like crispy leaves”.

Students explored colour in the visual arts. The colour activity was based on the famous colour exploration by Wassily Kandinsky.

Success Criteria

My circles show my knowledge of colour  

  • Warm and cool colours

  • Primary and secondary colours

  • Contrasting colours

  • Analogous colours

The colour display in our classroom looks like fireworks and eyeballs.

I created a circle pattern with warm colours. It looks like a volcano.

My circles show contrasting colours, and warm, and cool colours.

I create a circle with rainbow colours.

I think our colour display looks like colourful marbles.

I think our colour display looks like Whirlpools and black holes.

We smudged the colour in our circles to create different colours.

Next Steps - Sharing is Caring

Our whole school inquiry learning focus is around the elements of Visual Art. Room 3 found, writing colour poems, a successful learning activity that we enjoyed sharing with some other classes in our school. 

Curriculum Links - English Speaking, Writing and Presenting - language Features -  uses oral, written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect

Keywords - colour, poetry, language features

Attributed to - Read, Write, Think, Materials -  The Day the Crayons Quit By Drew Daywalt, Wassily Kandinsky Colour Circles - 

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