Handwriting with a purpose

Handwriting is a craft. It is important to learn this skill so our handwriting is legible for others to read. The purpose of handwriting is to communicate a message clearly for others to read. 

Mrs. Farquhar set us a challenge. We had to create a video that can help the junior classes to develop their handwriting. These videos will be shared with the Ohaaki and Poihipi students to help them develop their handwriting skills. 

We learned handwriting skills in class and now it was our turn to prove it by teaching others. 

On Friday we made a video on how to do letter formation so the little juniors can learn letter formations. I became the teacher. Darrius, Room 8


‘Learn it, Prove it’ is something our senior school is working towards developing. When creating these videos we shared our learning with others and we proved this learning through demonstrating the skills in the video. 


Emily and Ava Learn it Prove it demonstrating new skills via video lesson

Creating these videos to share with the junior school shows POWER 4 Learning because we are showing opportunity, excellence, and whanau towards self and others. 


Brooke and Karma teaching the letter Rr

I never knew that learning in the junior classes was so easy. I’ve been through it and it is easier than I remember. Little juniors look up to us. Jack Room 8. 


Blake and Lenox working together on their video

Collaboration is a large aspect of this task. We worked with peers to create the video. Some of us distributed the roles. One would do all the talking and the other would demonstrate. In some videos, we shared the speaking and demonstrating roles. 


Harrison and Riley sharing the speaking role


Jack Broke and Karma


Mikayla very focussed when filming her video

I’m not a person who talks into a video. I'm really scared about that, and I’ve never taught kids about writing. I felt good about it because I wasn’t laughing. I did have to start over because I kept forgetting words. I loved playing the teacher. Mikayla, Room 8.

Check out the videos from Ava, Emily, Jack, Brooke and Karma here

Keywords: Learn it, Prove it, POWER 4 Learning, Collaboration, Letter formation

Blake and Lenox working together on their video2. Room 8 2020 4