Happiness is

As part of their 'Inside Outside' inquiry Room 3 have been learning about emotions.

The students used a poem template to write a poem about happiness. The poem template began with a very short sentences for impact. Then the template used similes and the five senses to describe what happiness sounds, smells, tastes, looks and feels like. 


This is the poem we used as a model

Here is the example we used:

We are learning to follow a poem template 

Write a poem about happiness following the poem template


Happiness by Mrs. Jones

Happiness is green.

It sounds like silence after a long day.

It smells like something baking in the oven.

It tastes like Mom's cooking.

It looks like friends and family.

Happiness feels like a soft, warm blanket on a cold day.


Happiness By 

Happiness is…

It sounds like…

It smells like…

It tastes like ..

It looks like…

Happiness feels like …


Our Happiness is ... poems are hanging up in Room 3


Happiness is golden By Travis

Student Writing 

Happiness By Arkayzhia

Happiness is gold.

It sounds like water splashing.

It smells like delicious cake.

It tastes like a glorious milkshake.

It looks like the shimmering sun.

Happiness feels like getting comfy and going to bed.

Happiness By Annabelle

Happiness is rainbows.

It sounds like birds tweeting in the sunshine.

It smells like a Burger King burger.

It tastes like rainbow cake.

It looks like people sharing food.

Happiness feels like touching a soft silky rose petal.


Happiness is friendship By Lachlan T


Daniel made some interesting emojis

Happiness By Lachlan P

Happiness is yellow.

It sounds like my kitty purring in the sun.

It smells like roast lamb cooking on a cold winter's day.

It looks like a family.

Happiness feels like hugs and love.

Happiness By Trend

Happiness is green.

It sounds like kids laughing.

It smells like warm McDonald’s pancakes.

It tastes like a drink from Burger King.

It looks like a bag of lollies.

Happiness feels like having a lot of friends and having fun.

Happiness By Amber

Happiness is pink.

It sounds like my motorbike roaring up a hill.

It smells like a Burger King burger.

It tastes like chocolate fudge cake.

It looks like a dancing unicorn.

Happiness feels like racing across the field on my horse.

Happiness By Juno

Happiness is sunshine.

It sounds like my cat purring.

It smells like my nana’s cupcakes.

It tastes like berry cake.

It looks like white and yellow daisies.

Happiness feels like a warm day.

Happiness By Bianca

Happiness is golden.

It sounds like birds chirping.

It smells like sweet flowers.

It tastes like chocolate.

It looks like my friend’s playing together.

Happiness feels like the soft wind blowing on your face.

Happiness By Mr Harrison

Happiness is red.

It sounds like fireworks popping.

It smells like my birthday cake.

It tastes like yummy candy.

It looks like joy on peoples faces.

Happiness feels like my mums and my family's love. 

The students made happy emojis to go with the published “Happiness is …” poems. We looked at lots of different happy emojis on Pinterest for a bit of inspiration. Then we got out the yellow card and all the round shapes we could find to create our circle shape to make our emojis. We got very creative and had lots of fun.  

It was tricky to think of something that sounded like happiness.  Amber

We had to make sure our sentence made sense and that your could actually smell what we said you could smell.  Taylor

We had to revisit our poems the next day and change some of our sentences so that we had more detail and describing words so we could visualize what makes us happy.  Tessa

We looked on Pinterest to get different ideas for emojis.  The emojis had to be happy ones. Lachlan P

I liked making the love heart eyes and cat emojis.  Chloe


Arley has some cool emojis


Ana made some very happy looking emojis for her poem

A next step 

Some of Room 3’s independent writers were able to follow the Happiness is … template to write poems about other emotions.  

Sadness is … By Daniel

Sadness is getting sick on your party.

It sounds like someone screaming in your ear.

It smells like damp darkness about to roam the world.

It tastes like black burnt toast.

It looks like someone with no friends.

Sadness feels like losing the rugby world cup.

Excitement By Bianca

Excitement is Silver.

It sounds like butterflies flapping their wings.

It smells like my mum’s cookies.

It tastes like something chocolate.

It looks like friends and family entering your house.

Excitement feels like my soft blanket.

Love By Tessa

Love is cherry hearts.

It sounds like family and friends together.

It smells like chocolate hearts growing on the love tree.

It tastes like chocolate cake with berries on top.

It looks like family and friends roasting marshmallows together.

Love feels like your family giving you a kiss and a cuddle before bed.

Curriculum Links 

English - Speaking, writing and presenting

Processes and strategies - Students will: select and use sources of information, processes, and strategies with some confidence to identify, form and express ideas.

Health and PE - Personal growth and development 

Describe stages of growth, development needs, and demonstrate increasing responsibility for self-care.

Keywords:  emotion, happiness, the five senses

Ana made some very happy looking emojis for her poem