Having A Ball


Playing with a bouncy ball at a young age improves the motor skills, hand-eye coordination and timing which are all important for the developmental progression of children.  


Using our colourful rainbow bouncy balls outside, Room 15 and 16 were practising our hand-eye coordination skills, grasping skills, finger muscles, timing and ability to move objects and catch them in their hands. We wanted to practice using bouncy balls of various sizes to throw and catch, developing our hand-eye coordination as well as agility. 


Emmy said, I was looking at my ball when I had to catch it.

We practised our hand-eye coordination firstly by throwing the ball up into the air and then catching it in both hands. We had to stand in one spot and when we threw the ball up, we had to make sure we kept our eyes looking at the ball and have our hands open ready to catch it as it came back down.  We found that if we threw the ball up too high, then we could not control the ball and catch it.  



Charlie said, I can bounce it with one hand.

Our next step was to stand in one spot, bounce the ball and then catch it in both hands.  We had to make sure our hands were open so our fingers could grasp the ball. If we bounced the ball too hard, we could not catch it and it would roll away.  We had to take our time and be ready to catch it at the right time.


Logan said, I can catch the ball up in the air.

Logan wanted to use a rugby ball to catch because it was a different shape. He was able to throw the ball and catch it, however when he tried to bounce it the ball would bounce away in a different direction and he had to keep chasing after it.




To challenge ourselves, we wanted to bounce the ball and catch it as we walked forward. As we walked forward, we had to take care to keep our eyes looking at the ball and have our hands ready to catch it. This was challenging and we found that we had to catch it at the right time as it bounced back up towards us. 

We had lots of fun using the bouncy balls and we will continue practising our throwing, catching and bouncing to strengthen our hand-eye coordination skills.

Keywords: hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, agility

Curriculum links:  

Health & Physical Education- Movement Concepts & Motor Skills; Develop a wide range of movement skills, using a variety of equipment and play environments.

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