Hello School Goodbye Lockdown

Lockdown 2020 and our Covid-19 experience will one day be history. Room 3 has made a blog post of their writing about their lockdown experiences.  We discussed how a blog post can be like a time capsule.  Maybe one day, way into the future, former Room 3 students can share this blog post and their lockdown experience with their children or perhaps even grandchildren. 

We took part in a number of different writing activities to share our lockdown experiences. We followed a writing plan to create a personal recount.  We created a comic strip to share our ideas visually.  Lastly we followed a writing structure to create a lockdown poem.

Here are some of our lockdown recount stories:

WALT (we are learning to) follow a writing plan to retell an experience.

Success Criteria

  • I have created a title for my story.

  • I have introduced my story by telling the reader what the problem was and what I had to do.

  •  I have shared who was in my bubble and where I was. 

  •  I have shared some of the things I enjoyed about lockdown.

  •  I have shared some of the things I did not enjoy about lockdown.

  • I have shared what I was excited to do when lockdown broke.

  • I have finished my story with how I am feeling now. Anything I am looking forward to or worried about?



Amber revisiting her writing to make some improvements


Arkayzhia is one of our google docs experts


Juno had fun playing with her dad during lockdown


Lachlan Hs lockdown adventure complete with the covid bat


Trends lockdown adventure no school for nearly two months


Tessa loves writing and wrote a lockdown novel

Lockdown 2020 By Chloe

On Thursday 26th March 2020 New Zealand went into lockdown because Covid-19 came to Taupo.  We had to stay home for two months.  In my bubble was Mum, Dad, and George.  In lockdown I enjoyed my Dad building my brother’s hut. It was fun to watch Dad building.  While in lockdown I missed my friends Emma and Sienna.  Now that lockdown is over I can go back to school and see my friends. 

Lockdown 2020 By Ana

On Thursday 26th March 2020 there was a bad pandemic in New Zealand.  We had to stay home, wash our hands, and look after each other. In my bubble there were my brothers and my sister.  In lockdown I enjoyed eating ice cream and sleeping with my cats.  While in lockdown I wasn’t allowed to go to the park so I ate noodles instead. Now that lockdown is over I can enjoy going on the ipad at school all day.

Lockdown came in 2020 By Tom 

On Thursday 26th March 2020 New Zealand went into lockdown.  We had to go into lockdown because then the virus would stop. In my bubble was Mum and Dad and my brothers. In lockdown I enjoyed playing with my brothers and the ipad. While in lockdown I missed my friends and school. I still miss my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s pool.  When lockdown broke I was excited to see my friends.

Bubble Life By Annabelle

Lockdown came because Covid-19 came and started killing people.  Covid-19 is a virus.  The people in my bubble were Mum, Dad, my sister and my brother.  My Mum made fish and chips. They tasted just like the shop chips.  In lockdown, when Dad went to get the groceries we went to walk the dog or play on the playstation.  In lockdown, I enjoyed waking up early and watching the T.V.  I watched Whisper Whisper.  In lockdown I did like the weather.  Now that lockdown is not here I am not worried. 

Lockdown By Juno

A virus called Covid-19 came to New Zealand. Because of that the government made us go inside because people make other people sick.  That is why the government made us go inside. I had to stay home for seven weeks.  Only the supermarket was open and kids weren’t allowed inside.  In my bubble were Dad, Ava, and Summer. In lockdown I enjoyed having fun with my dad.  We jumped on the tramp and we played bad. While in lockdown I missed my friends.  Now that lockdown is over I can see all of my friends and go to school.

Lockdown 2020 By Trend

New Zealand was locked down on the 26th March 2020.  We went into lockdown because Covid-19 came to our country. Covid-19 makes people very sick, it is very, very bad for people.  I had to stay home for nearly two months - no school. We went back to school on the 18th May 2020.  In my bubble was my brother and my mum. When I was at home my mum mostly went to work, so I played on my PS4.  I played on PS4 everyday.  In lockdown I enjoyed spending time watching YouTube and funny stuff.  While in lockdown I missed my friends and school.  When lockdown broke I was excited to go back to school.

Covid 19 Comic Strips

WALT (we are learning to) express our ideas in different ways.

Create a comic strip to share your lockdown story visually. 

  • Using the template draw 3 pictures that share your lockdown experience.

  • E.g. an image of the virus , a picture of your bubble, the fun or not fun of home learning.

  • Add captions below each picture to help explain your ideas.

Here are some of our lockdown adventure comic strips:


Daniels lockdown comic strip no hugging allowed


Junos lockdown adventure comic strip no parks so sad


Siennas lockdown adventure comic strip stay home save lives

Lockdown Hello Goodbye Poems 

WALT (we are learning to) follow a writing structure to complete a Hello/ Goodbye poem about lockdown.

Hello / Goodbye poems are about the change from what we did during level 4 to what we do now we are back in school at level 2.

Opposites are the key ideas behind these poems.


This is a teacher model of the Hello Goodbye poem


Ana missed playing at the park during lockdown


Daniel enjoyed publishing his Hello Gooodbye poem on his new Chromebook

Here are some of our Hello Goodbye Poems:

Hello, Goodbye  By Travis 

Hello school work, maths, reading, and writing.

Goodbye TV.

Hello getting ready for school.

Goodbye bouncing on the trampoline.

Hello school playground.

Goodbye playing with my sisters.

Hello teachers, I missed you.

Goodbye eating Toast.

Hello, Goodbye By Pippa.

Hello playing horses with my friends at school.

Goodbye falling off and getting back onto my pony. 

Hello School work.

Goodbye doing work with my caregiver. 

Hello lunchbox with grapes, cookies, and a delicious sandwich.

Goodbye playing cafes in the back lawn on a hot sunny day.

Hello, Goodbye By Juno

Hello school shirt.

Goodbye pajamas, you were very comfy.

Hello getting up really early.

Goodbye staying up late.

Hello friends, it's good to be back.

Goodbye Lockdown you were frustrating.

Hello school work, sometimes you're boring.

Goodbye TV, you were cool.

Goodbye creative art at school.

Hello writing at school.

Hello, Goodbye By Lachlan P 

Hello hunting with dad.

Goodbye home learning.

Hello school work.

Goodbye spending hours on Xbox.

Hello friends, I missed playing with you.

Goodbye spending time with my mum.

Hello doing silly things.

Goodbye going to work with my Poppa.

Hello Mrs Sprague.

Goodbye animals.

Hello, Goodbye by Lachlan H

Hello school, I missed you.

Goodbye video games.

Hello teachers and friends.

Goodbye eating ice cream all night.

Hello weetbix.

Goodbye fruit loops.

Hello listening to the teachers.

Goodbye watching TV.

Hello normal life. 

Goodbye lockdown I will miss you.

Curriculum Links

English - Speaking, writing and presenting: Structure - organise texts, using a range of structures.

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Daniel enjoyed publishing his Hello Gooodbye poem on his new Chromebook