Hot Wheels Theme Park

Room 4 has been set a task to design and create a theme park of personal choice. 

Dail’s Hot Wheel Theme Park 


Dail said the hardest part was picking a theme and sticking to it

Once she had decided on a theme she was able to start including the ‘must haves’:  A roller coaster, 2 toilet blocks each measuring 4cm by 4cm , cafe measuring 7cm by 9cm, a food truck measuring 4cm by 3cm,  and a movie theater measuring 14 cm by 10cm.

Look at the detail: by the looks of that the cafe is even selling food. 


There are a variety of rides to pick from if you go to the Hot Wheels Theme Park they include The Tower of Terror, The Log ride, The Hot Wheels movie theater, and the massive roller coaster. If you are wanting a souvenir to remember the theme park, then you will need to visit the Merchandise shop located at the front on the right hand side. 


Dali has even included a few important details if you are interested in attending the Theme park. 


Here is a short tour video of the Hot Wheels Theme Park. 

Hot Wheels theme park 01