How Are You Panda?


What is an author? What is an illustrator? What are the different purposes people write for?  These are some of the things Room 14 been learning about. What better way to do this, than to take turns being authors and illustrators, as we wrote our own books for different purposes.

First books we made were very short and simple, so everyone knew what to do and could experience success. Later books became longer and explored different purposes and more advanced writing techniques. 


The title of the first book we wrote was ‘How Are You Feeling Panda?’ It was a very short book with an adjective focus about feelings, with the purpose of entertaining. We brainstormed adjectives together before children decided on which adjectives they would use.

Jacob liked writing to entertain. This is what he had to say about it.

I like it because you get to draw pandas and make your friends laugh at silly sentences.



The second book we wrote was called ‘Pandas’ with the purpose of informing. 

We used what we knew about them already, and watched a YouTube clip about pandas to learn more. Authors used sentence starters to help them write their pages.

Dorian liked writing to inform. This is what he had to say about it.

I got to learn more stuff about pandas that I didn’t know.



Next, children wrote to persuade each other about which animal they thought would make the best pet. 

These texts are longer. Children learnt how to use a graphic organiser and keywords to plan their writing, how to add detail and how to use time words to sequence their ideas into paragraphs.

Alyssa liked writing to persuade. This is what she had to say about it.

I liked getting to write about my own pets.

Here are parts of what some of the children wrote.

I think komodo dragons would definitely make the best pets.

Firstly they are rare because no one really has them.

By Rikihana

I think cats would definitely make the best pets.

Firstly cats are cuddly. You can cuddle up to them when you are upset and sad.

Secondly you can play with them. You can wave string above them and they will start to grab it and play with it.

These are some of the reasons why you should get one.

By Alyssa

I think dragons would definitely make the best pet.

Firstly they can disintegrate people that are bad. They breathe out fire as hot as the sun and turn they into ash. They can also pick them up and throw them.

Secondly they can smash cars that belong to bad guys, so they can not get away. They can turn on their fire and melt people and then smash them.

Lastly they can fly me through mist and clear it with their wings, and fly me through cracks. It would make me scared  and be fun at the same time.

By Louie

As the year goes on children will make their own books, and continue to be able to explain what authors and illustrators do, and the different purposes authors write for.

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