Impressive Striking Skills


When I was hitting the ball, I had to be slow and steady to make sureI had control. Hannah

Teaching life skills through physical education creates an inclusive and respectful learning environment. Through support and positive encouragement, students are given opportunities to grow in self-confidence and engage in the learning process of team building skills, critical and creative thinking and showing respect for self and others. 


I was dribbling the ball because I had to control it when I was moving.  Luke

What are striking skills?

The learning objective our year five and six students have been developing is striking skills, using a variety of implements with control. A variety of implements that can be used are hockey sticks, bats, swimming noodles and racquets. 


I moved my body from the right side of the ball to the left and I had to carefully move the ball so it wouldn’t get too far ahead. Max

Striking is the most complex of the fundamental movement skills. There are many sports games that use striking such as tennis, tee ball, cricket, hockey and golf. Even though each sport uses different implements and skills for striking, the same physical principles apply across all of them.


“When I was moving the ball around the cone, I had to make sure I kept my eye on the ball so it didn’t roll away.” Jeremy

What are relevant skills and experiences?

The layers of skills our year five and six students are developing, include active listening, communication, relating to others, leadership, self-management and problem-solving skills. Regular participation in enjoyable physical activities and environments, assist in the promotion of their well-being.


I had to hold onto the hockey stick with two hands so I could hit the ball.  I had to control the ball when I hit it. Michaela

Our specific striking skills we developed and used were hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, strength and flexibility, accuracy as well as coordination of the body for building balance. We found when striking a ball, our balance was important to provide a secure base of support for the strike.


I made sure I hit the ball carefully so I could control it in front of me. Flynn

Through our skill-based activities, there were three specific skills we learnt about how to control the ball. This was from dribbling the ball slowly around a cone, pushing the ball to a partner and then hitting the ball around a cone and then with a buddy. Playing hockey games together as a class, helped to support the movement skills the students needed to further develop. These skills involved striking skills and using the space effectively around them. Through playing our games, the students were challenged in unpredictable situations during the game of hockey. Students become aware they can accurately strike the ball while it is stationary or moving.  

Keywords:  striking, skills, implements, fundamental movement skills.

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