Incredible Science with Year 6s


Science Club Angus

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Fifteen lucky Year 6’s got a chance to work with Adriene, from Contact Energy at a Science Club. The Year 6’s worked with Adrienne and did lots of science experiments.


Science Club 2

The first experiment they did was about heat and fluids. They got boiling water and poured it into a glass trays. Then they got ice cold  ice packs and put them into the boiling water. The ice packs started to move around but  Adriene help them with the ice packs so they didn’t move around and they didn’t burn themselves.


Ice and Boiling Water


Ice and Boiling Water2

After that they put one drop of food colouring

just on the side of the ice pack when you looked at the side of the glass bowl you could see the food colouring moving around the glass bowl.


Science club

We interviewed Angus M and he told us about the science he has done.  

Video here

Science club