Insect Hunt

Having curiosity means that you have a strong desire to know or learn something. Room 11 showed that they had bucket loads of curiosity during our latest inquiry topic. 

Mrs Jackson sought help from the children to find out the best way to make an insect hotel. She had seen one in some of the resources sent to Wairakei Primary School by Enviroschools and Greening Taupo and it sparked her curiosity.

The children had lots of questions:

What kind of bugs are in the gully? Ryker

How do bugs find water? Lily

How do they build their homes? Laura

What do the bugs eat? Charlie

Where do insects hide? Jake

We decided to find out some answers to our questions by exploring the gully. We wanted to find out what insects were living in our environment and whereabouts they were living. This statistical investigation would help us know  what insects we were going to make our insect hotels for and where to put them. 

The class was divided into groups. Each group had an ipad to take photos, a specimen jar, a clipboard, magnifying glass, and tally sheet to help with their investigation. We also took paintbrushes, gardening tools, and drop sheets. 

A leaf litter investigation was carried out where we carefully sorted through a small pile of leaves using a paintbrush so as not to harm anything living amongst them. 



When we found a tree or bush with some low hanging branches we lay a drop sheet underneath. Then the branches were shaken gently so insects living there fell out onto the sheet and we could observe them. 



The gully also has old tree stumps and logs of wood that we were able to lift up or pull pieces off.




The data from each group was graphed and we could see what insect we found the most of, where they were living, and what other creatures we found. 


By carrying out the science investigation with questioning, exploration, and discussions the children in Room 11 extended their personal experiences and explanations of the natural world. They were very keen to move onto the next stage of building their insect hotels.


Keywords: curiosity, inquiry

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