Interesting and Energetic

The Ohaaki Team got to enjoy an interesting time at our local library and an energetic time at the Tarahua Gymnastics Centre. 

Our inquiry focus is around oral language, vocabulary extension and writing. The Ohaaki team has also integrated a teamwork and cooperative game physical education focus into our inquiry. Therefore, a visit to the local library to explore some descriptive writing, an eating break at the Tongariro Domain and then a visit to the gym club for some cooperative games met our Education Outside the Classroom goals. 


What a beautiful day for a play at the town park


We had morning tea at the town park and a play of course


Hold on tight

At the gym I was actually saving people from drowning in the foam pit. Vaanya was also helping.  Aiden


Zoey to the rescue. Getting out of the foam pit is the hardest part

I enjoyed going on the bar at gymnastics .  I hurt myself when I did a cartwheel off the bar and I slipped.  Avery 


Avery showing her skill on the bar


Playing at the gym is hard work time for a nap

I enjoyed swinging on the high bar. I got to do gymnastics twice today.  Alyssa 


We had some expert gymnasts with us

At the library we read a book about dogs with Henry’s dad.  Jack


At the library we had to describe a robber. We were detectives


Team work to describe the robber

The best bit of the trip was the gymnastics centre.  I had been there before for a birthday party.  Vaanya


Looks like a foam pit rescue might be needed


The rope swings were kind of like flying

I hurt myself at the park, I was spinning around on this pod thing.  I got really dizzy and I fell over and hurt myself.  Jacob


Lunch at the park with mum

I liked jumping into the foam pit and then me and my friends played hide and seek.  Finn


The foam pit was very popular

I liked doing front flips into the foam pit.  It was the first time I had done a front flip not on a trampoline.  Sam

I loved going to the park and climbing to the top of the spiderweb.  Mr Morehu climbed up too. Andy 


Climbing to the top of the spiderweb is alway great fun


Looks like Mr Morehu might give us a push

Swinging on the cradle swing at the park with my friends was my favourite part. Jaxon


It is more fun swinging or pushing

A problem I had was that me and my mum struggled to find the Dogman books at the library.  Dorian 


Kevin shared some information about Wairakei with us


The Taupo library had a great book all about adjectives

Thank you to the Taupo Library and the Tarahua Gymnastics Centre for making our trip possible.  And special thanks to our amazing parent helpers, who take time out of their busy schedules to transport, supervise and in this case, jump in the foam pit, with our students. 

Curriculum Links: English - Oral Language and Writing

Heath and Physical Education - Teamwork and cooperative games

Keywords:  library, oral language, vocabulary extension, writing,  teamwork, cooperative games, Education outside the classroom 

13 Team work to describe the robber