Investigating our World Inquiry


Diwali Celebrations

Our inquiry is called ‘Investigating our World’ we are learning about different cultures and celebrations of other countries. Our focus has been on India, we have looked at the differences and compared the similarities of our own culture and celebrations.

We started out by doing a K-W-L brainstorm - we shared what we already knew or thought that we knew, next we identified what we would like to know and lastly we will reflect and find out what we have learnt about India and their celebrations.

We started with an investigation into a  celebration called DIWALI - this is pronounced  Dee- va-lee. Diwali means ‘rows of lighted lamps’. We read the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali came about. When Rama and Sita returned to their kingdom victorious of evil, people lit lots of small lamps called diyas to guide them home. Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali by placing DIVAS around the home and in gardens to remember how Rama and Sita were welcomed home. Hindus believe that by lighting these lamps, the goddess Lakshmi will visit them and bring them wealth.  

We made our own DIVAS out of salt dough. The process took a long time and we had to be patient. We read the instructions on how to make salt dough, we used maths in the measuring and sharing of the dough. We decorated our lamps- it took days for the dough to dry out and then paint to dry. But they look spectacular.  


Painted Divas


Jovarn and Cooper Salt Dough


Group Salt Dough


Salt Dough Divas

Next, we made an Indian sweet called BARFI it was delicious, sweet and coconutty. We also made Mango Lassi’s. We followed the instructions. We have been learning how to write instructions in writing, we know the importance of be very specific and remembering everything you need and how to do it. We wrote instructions on how to make a mango lassi and salt dough divas to help Room 4 make their own. If our instructions are not right then they won’t know what to do.


Stiring Ingredients


Hands Dirty




Barfi Making

The best bit of our day was the celebration - we got to eat our barfi and drink the sweet lassi. We took our Diva’s home and we hope they will bring us luck and wealth.



Here is the story of Rama and Sita

Once upon a time, there was a great warrior, Prince Rama, who had a beautiful wife named Sita.There was also a terrible demon king, Ravana. He had twenty arms and ten heads and was feared throughout the land. He wanted to make Sita his wife, and one day he kidnapped her and took her away in his chariot. Clever Sita left a trail of her jewellery for Rama to follow.Rama followed the trail of glittering jewellery until he met the monkey king, Hanuman, who became his friend and agreed to help find Sita. Messages were sent to all the monkeys in the world, and through them to all the bears, who set out to find Sita.After a very long search, Hanuman found Sita imprisoned on an island. Rama's army of monkeys and bears couldn't reach the island, so they began to build a bridge. Soon all the animals of the world, large and small, came to help. When the bridge was built, they rushed across it and fought a mighty battle.When Rama killed the evil Ravana with a magic arrow, the whole world rejoiced. Rama and Sita began their long journey back to their land, and everybody lit oil lamps to guide them on their way and welcome them back.Ever since people light lamps at Diwali to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.
Group Salt Dough