It’s a Natural Disaster


Room 1 has been learning to listen to instructions create new instructions and make changes to the games we play safely on the playground

“The floor is LAVA!” 

“Acid Rain!”

“There’s a Forest Fire!”


Everyone in Room 1, has been learning to listen to and to create their own instructions. To do this we played a game called ‘Natural Disaster’ and it’s been an absolute blast.

It’s brilliant! It’s got all sorts of fun disasters - Arabella

It’s different to other games because you have to play it on the playground - Harry

To play this game, the students need to listen carefully to the instructions. The game is played on the playground, and when Mr. Kidd calls a disaster, the students need to remember the instruction that goes with the ‘disaster’ and move around the playground safely and quickly.

I like it because you never know what’s coming next. You really have to listen to the instructions - Evie

Another key skill this game develops is when students work to devise new instructions for the game. These rules have to be appropriate, safe and of course, have a name that fits the theme of ‘Natural Disaster’. For example, Quade came up with the instruction Fortnite Storm, where students had to seek refuge only on a small part of the playground. 

I love using my instruction with my class - Quade

Some other examples of instructions that the children in Room 1 have been following are:

“The Floor is Lava”

  • A classic. Student’s get as high up on the playground as they can to avoid the lava rising from the ground.


“Acid Rain”

  • The opposite of “The Floor is Lava”. Student’s get as low as they can, finding shelter under parts of the playground.

“Forest Fire”

  • This is where the students have to avoid all wood on the playground. The students have really found creative ways to avoid a playground where even the floor is made of wood!


“Alien Invasion”

  • This comes with a variety of different options so students have to listen to the whole instruction before moving. For example, there’s an alien invasion with shrink rays so the students have to get as small as they can, or a giant ray, where the students have to pretend they are as big as they possibly can get.


My favourite instruction is alien invasion. I like how you have to try and get as huge or as tiny as you can!

Students have really harnessed their skills in moving around the playground safely. This means that they can look where they are standing and moving to, making sure they don’t bump into others and stay safe on the playground.

I learned how to play carefully on the playground - Dane

I had to learn to wait and listen - Evie

Keywords: managing self, instructions,

Fortnite Storm2