Keeping Ourselves Safe

Keeping Ourselves Safe is a programme devised by the New Zealand Police. The learning activities are designed to help children keep safe when they mix and mingle with other people.

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As part of this programme Room 13 has been learning their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. For safety reasons, it is important that children know these things because they may need to ask someone for help and tell that person who they are and where they live.

A video showing Constable Bryan and Bobbie (police dog) shopping in a mall was a great way to explain to students what to do if they get lost.

The video was discussed and the main points were identified.

  • stay calm
  • find someone you trust to help i.e. shopkeeper, lifeguard, police officer
  • stay where you last saw the person you were with
  • know your name, address, and telephone number

When the students were asked to share their address and phone number the majority of them were unable to do so.

Always remember that you need to know your name, address and phone number. I didn’t know my phone number. I practised my mum’s phone number everyday and now I know it. 

I am practising my phone number and address because I don’t know them.  

When you go somewhere, organise a meeting place so you can meet there if you get lost or separated from your family.  

If you get lost or in trouble ask someone you trust for help. 

Room 13 enjoyed using the template of a phone to practise their home phone numbers. I had to admit I didn’t know my husband’s phone number because I just needed to go to my contact list and push his name. Not much use if I lost my phone and needed to make contact with him urgently.

Students learned how to be safe and responsible digital citizens by not sharing their personal information online. A homework activity was sent home so that parents and whānau could discuss with their child what they had learned that day.

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I enjoy working in the supportive learning community of Wairakei Primary School where children, families and teachers learn and grow together.


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