Kindness Clouds

Ohaaki teams inquiry is called 'It Takes A Village to Care'.  This inquiry is based on the values of kindness and caring for others.

Our driving question is: How can we help meet the needs of our local Wairakei community?

Room 14 have started our inquiry with a kindness focus within our classroom. We have learnt about the importance of using kind words and giving compliments to each other.  

We have found out that kindness is catchy and that when you choose to be kind you can not only make another person feel happy but you make yourself feel happy as well. 

We created Kindness Clouds.  

First of all, we learnt how to write our names in bubble letters.  

Then we used bubble writing to put our names onto the cloud template. 

We coloured our names in and then glued glitter around the edges of our clouds and cut out the cloud shapes.


Here is the list of all the kind words we brainstormed as a clas

As a class, we brainstormed kind words we could say about each other.  We created a large list of kind words on our whiteboard.  

Next, we all got our inquiry books out and wrote our name in the middle of a blank page. We left our page open on the table.  


Zahns page of kind words


Te Pous page had lots of kind words


Alyssas page of kind words

As a group, we shared ideas about what kind words would reflect the different people in our class.  We shared examples and gave reasons why we thought those words would suit a person. E.g. “I am going to write crack on Zahn’s page because he always makes me laugh” or “I am going to write arty on Clara’s page because I think she is great at drawing”.

Then we all went up to our tables and wrote the kind words we thought fit in each other's books.  

We noticed some amazing things:  First of all how many kind words we all got written about us. No one missed out. Everyone wrote on everyone pages - not just their friends. Kindness really is catchy. Be kind and kindness grows. Saying kind words doesn’t cost you anything.  Everyone needs kindness. Kindness makes everyone feel good. Kindness is part of whanau. Kindness is caring.  Kindness is cool.

Finally, we copied our favourite kind words from our pages onto strips of coloured paper and glued them to our clouds.  Come and check out our Kindness Clouds in Room 14.


Violet and her cloud


Te Pou shares his cloud


Ryleigh shows off her kindness cloud


Juno and her Kindness Cloud


Jessie and her Kindness cloud


Danikas finished Kindness Cloud on display in Room 14


Amber shares her cloud

During writing, we wrote about what we thought kindness is and why it is important. We also shared some of the kind things we do.  Here are some of our ideas:

Kindness is caring for others.  Kindness is important because it makes the world a better place. On my mums birthday Dad takes us out to a restaurant.   By Clara

Kindness is sharing things with other people.  Kindness is important because we hurt people’s feelings if we don’t show kindness. I have been kind to Mum when I did the dishes.  By Annabelle

Kindness is about whanau and kind words.  Kindness is important because it will help the earth be a better place.  I have helped Te Omeka in a game of rugby because he hit his head. By Lachlan

Kindness is treating people like they are your family.  Kindness is important because it makes the world a better place.  I have been saying lots of kind words to everyone, even myself. You can learn to say kind words.  By Declan

Kindness is being nice to others and being nice to your friends and helping people that get hurt.  I have been being kind to Annabelle. Kindness is being nice to the earth. Kindness is important because without kindness people would be sad.  By Juno

Kindness is when you let people play with you. If we didn’t have kindness all of the people would be sad.  I help our country by picking up rubbish. By Amber

Keywords:  Kindness inquiry values whanau

Curriculum Links

Social Science:

Students will: Gain knowledge, skills, and experiences to understand that people have different roles and responsibilities as part of different groups.

Health and Physical Education: Relationships with other people - Students will explore and share ideas about relationships with other people.

Amber shares her cloud