Learn it - Prove It in Handwriting

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What the children said


I can write my name and my family's name in Indian- Gnapika


I can write and spell all of my family's names- Katie


I can write my letters on the line - by Cameron

What we are doing

We are using our knowledge of handwriting to teach other students in the school the correct letter formations, sizes and shapes. This is a great opportunity for everyone to show what they can achieve.  Handwriting is still important to teach at school because it helps the young children to develop and strengthen their motor skills. Learning handwriting helps strengthen their hand-eye coordination. Writing the letters of the alphabet engages the muscles of the fingers, hands and the muscles in the eyes.

Handwriting is also linked to basic reading and spelling achievement, engaging the child’s full attention and helps develop their ability to focus.


How we learn this

We have been learning handwriting since we were 5 years old when we started school. We have had lots of experiences such as writing in our  books and typing using digital devices. This is a daily practice we do every day in our reading, writing and maths books.  We practice this everyday for lots of reasons. It may be great to help us for our future jobs so people can understand our writing.  We can also take what we know and teach the juniors and middle schoolers. Writing helps our brain to remember letters and their sounds. As children practice their writing, they learn vocabulary words, spelling, sentence structure, and story structure to build a strong reader.


How we are going to present this to other children

We have made a video to present how to write a letter normally and then we will do the exact same letter with flicks and linking on it. We will explain this step by step with detail so when they try it, it will be perfect. We will remind the middle schoolers to keep practicing because practice makes perfect.

Keywords:  handwriting, motor-skills, letter formations, hand-eye coordination

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