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Creepily scurrying across the floor, a soft furry little spider went down the stairs - Daisy


Room 7 has been looking at ways to make their writing more interesting. We focused on six different ways to start our sentences, as well as using a variety of adjectives (describing words).

Here are our six sentence starters:

  • When

  • Where

  • An ‘ing’ word

  • An ‘ed’ word

  • An ‘ly’ word

  • With a question.

We then had to watch a series of slideshows that Mrs Isaacson had made explaining each of the steps above. At the end of each slideshow there was a challenge to complete.  

We had to send Mrs Isaacson creative writing examples, using the different beginnings.

Monster and me

Have you ever been camping out on your own? I have. On the 1st of July, I went camping in the woods with my friends. We had a ton of marshmallows so we thought we would roast them. Late at night, when it was dark, we lit the fire.  Then my friend’s parents came and snuck up on us. They said my friends had to go home because it was just too late.Disappointed I went into my tent.  I didn't want to leave so I decided to stay. Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the bushes and a big slimy monster emerged from the bush.  I felt very scared but as it got closer, he seemed friendly. Smelling the marshmallows, it ran toward my campfire and tripped over, landing with a thump.  I gave him a marshmallow and we became friends. I was happy to not be alone in the woods. 

I think it was a good idea to do those 6 ways to start a sentence videos because it challenged me. It was a little bit harder than the usual writing, but I still got through it. Cole



Where were the people of the house in the middle of nowhere?

Wondering where they were, the police looked everywhere.

Running around in the paddock went the horses. Daisy


What do you think my favourite colour is?  If you guessed red, then you are correct!  Playing basketball is my second favourite sport and Chicago Bulls are my favourite team.  Just imagine playing for them. Quickly I did a lay-up.  Where did the ball go?  Through the hoop of course.  Scored, the winning shot for my team….oh my goodness.  When covid-19 is over I can’t wait to play basketball with my team-mates. Keanu



Happily, she ran to the movies.

Sadly,he watched the rain fall from the sky.

Learning this has made me stop and think before I start writing my sentences and I am using descriptive words more.  Lauren


Lying on the ground, cold and hard, it started to shake.

Slowly,I opened my eyes.  What happened?

Walking towards them, I saw a forest. Natalie

Sentences by 

Carefully,I snuck down the stairs to get a sandwich.

Silently,I went upstairs to the T.V. Jovarn


Accidently, I dropped yoghurt on the floor.

Walking through the zoo, you got to hear the elephants in the fields.

It was good being able to watch the slideshows because I knew exactly what I had to do and I could go back to them to check on things if I needed to.  Angus.


Where did that come from? I asked.

Suddenly, I heard loud screeches of birds outside my cottage.

Our next challenge was to add adjectives into our writing.  This helps to make a clearer picture for the reader.  Here are some descriptive sentences about a spider and a monster. Olivia

She had beautiful purple fur with stripy bent legs – Ahnika


That is a mean and fluffy spider – Lauren


This is a big, hairy, scary spider with long, pointy and sharp fangs – Keanu 

The 6 ways to start a sentence made me stop and think.  Describing words were hard because I didn’t know where to put them.  There was a lot of writing for me but I gave it a go.  Keanu

One sunny morning, a small, fluffy purple striped spider went on a trip to see his family for the week – Natalie 

There once was a creepy, old purple spider.  Suddenly the creepy, old purple spider jumped on me – Olivia

Mr Furry is huge with a tail that looks like a spotty snake.  His ears look like sad dog ears and his teeth are very sharp – Cole

Larry is a big fluffy friend with tiny feet.  He has a yellow and orange tummy.  Larry is kind - Ahnika

He had a big smile and his blue eyes were so friendly to look at.  He had big hands for big hugs - Natalie


Next steps:  To continue to use these wicked writing techniques in our writing all the time.

Keywords: Adjectives, challenge sentence starters. 

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