Let’s get a snapping - Photography

Let’s get snappy.

We have learned that anything can be made beautiful just by taking a simple photograph. As part of our interchange, Mrs Forrest has been teaching us photography skills. Our first session we looked at an object and how if we, as the photographer, move around the subject or object we can look at a simple thing and make it beautiful. 


Taking something and making it beautiful


Taking something and making it beautiful


Getting snappy with the IPad


Key techniques were, move around the subject, taking shots from different perspectives, up high, down low, different angles, getting in close, stepping back for that wider angle. All of these techniques help us look at an object or subject differently. 


Getting down low for that perfect shot


Looking at a subject from a different perspective


Moving around the subject for that perfect shot

We worked together in peers - walked around our school to find things that we could take photos of. Our first shot type was close up. 


Just stunning so simple yet beautiful



Getting up close to the subject

After we had collected a range of photographs using the techniques we have learned, we choose 4 of our favourite shots. Using Google classroom we displayed our photos in a Google slide template. The hardest part was deciding which ones to display. 


The things we do for the perfect shot


Using Google classroom to display our work

We had lots of fun taking photos, learning different photography techniques and vocabulary. It’s amazing how when you view an object or subject from different perspectives you see beautiful things. 


A brick wall or a beauty


wonderful photographs by Te Mihi students

Getting down low for that perfect shot