Levelling up

Room 4 is looking at how we can improve our basic facts.

We are learning new skills and strategies we can use to help us work out unknown problems. Here are our ladders that keep us on track. 


We have been focusing on using the basic facts ladder to show us the areas we still need some practice. We have been able to focus on our own individual needs to improve and focus on our learning. 


Some children have been mini teachers as they are able to complete and do a skill to teach someone who is still learning the skill. To become a mini teacher we have to learn the skill and then prove it before we are able to teach it to someone else. 



Laila ‘ When some children are teaching other children they become mini teachers, so they can learn more about maths.’ 


Keiran I like doing maths. 

Hana I like that it is like a challenge to keep improving and learning new skills. 

 We need to be sensible and responsible to manage our own learning  


Managing our own learning and individual needs. We need to take ownership and drop into workshops that people are running to help us improve our skills. 


We love seeing out improvement over the term by reflecting back on your ladders which show u what we can do. 


Keywords: Mini Teacher, Math, Ladder, Basic Facts

Leveling up 03