Lights camera action

Our 'Mall in the Hall' business has been hard at work researching different ways to advertise their businesses to make them stand out. We have been exploring different forms normally used to get names and products known. 

Levi: I’ve seen things advertised on big boards or sides of buildings.

Anna: I have seen things in the mail that shows what they sell.

Ella: Some shops have posters in their windows.

We named our business and set to work making posters and signs that will advertise who they are and what they will be selling.







Whaea Angel brought in some business cards and we realised this is another form of advertising that business use. We realised they have to include your company name and your details with something that sets them apart from each other.

Alick: We can put our logos on the card with our companies name.

Nathan: I like my logo so not sure how I will change it to be 8 different card templates but I'll try.

Te Ahurei: Slime is hard to draw but I can make our name look good.







Next thing we were turning on youtube and then we noticed that the semi annoying things that play before the videos tell us about different products. We looked into what makes ads memorable for us. We worked out normally it was humour. Room 9 production crews set about creating their own advertisements about their products.

Kayde: Acting is fun I like pretending to be other people in other situations

Emma: Pretending to be the teacher was fun, telling Nathan off was cool.

Maxwell: Editing our movie and making it into an ad was fun including sound effects and talking over the audio because we couldn’t hear it properly.


Malls in the Hall

Keywords: Financial Literacy, Business Studies, 

Lights camera action advertisement 6